11 Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Teens

Are you pondering over a perfect gift specimen which you can bestow on a teenager that you know? If you have already started thinking on this, it is time for you to consider the following 11 Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Teens. Get a sense of the following magazines which would work wonders.

National Geographic Kids

‘National Geographic Kids’ has gained an unbeatable reputation all over the globe. The quality of the content which is dished out on the pages of National Geographic Kids is more than exhilarating and compelling for readers belonging to various age groups. It is relatively popular with teenagers and kids. They would choose to relish on the content as if they were devouring some delectable pastries. Apart from the text, visuals and images from this teen magazine succeed in impressing people with an innate curb appeal.

Disney Princess

Disney Princess is a worthy mention in this group. The celebrated magazine comes out fortnightly. It is enriched with graphical elements and thus the magazine succeeds in influencing the kids which happen to be in the teen age group. The creative approach of the magazine is something that stirs great deal of attention and attraction.

Magic Pot & Magic Read and Color

Each and every issue of Magic Pot & Magic Read and Color turns out to be immensely popular with kids who are in their teens. It is evidently phenomenal in the form of a teen magazine. You can buy this magazine at a discounted rate one many virtual platforms.


Tinkle enjoys an indomitable reputation in the capacity of a teen magazine. It is an Indian publication. As a brand, it has been a property of ACK Media. Apart from being issued in the English language, it’s also published in several other vernaculars. So, when you gift this one to a kid, it is akin to providing him or her with a passage to a wonderful world, replete with fun and merriment.

Girl’s World

If you crave for some warm memories and a galaxy of memorable experiences which you need to pass on to your girl, it is ” Girl’s World” which should do the trick on your part. If you want to gift something that makes your girl ( who is in her teens) feel special then Girl’s World will surely be the correct pick for the occasion. You can gift it on her birthday and watch her priceless expression. This magazine is suitable for girls who are below fifteen or sixteen. The concepts on crafts, merrymaking as well as parties would be awe inspiring.

Young Rider

If you happen to have a teen at your house who is just crazy about riding horses. The magazine, Young Rider is highly popular with teens who happen to be within the age level of fifteen. The magazine is chiefly dedicated to horsemanship skills. If your kid wants to enhance his or her horse riding skills. The magazine is up for grabs at least six times within a year. EG Media LLC happens to own the publication.

Sanctuary club

Sanctuary club has its share of reputation amongst the magazines which are loved by teens. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of topics of wildlife conservation as well as wildlife sciences. Your kids will learn sufficient information from the articles published on this platform.

Sports Illustrated Kids

As a teen magazine, Sports Illustrated Kids does flutter the dove coats. Kids within the age group of sixteen will be elated when they find this magazine gift wrapped at their disposal. The magazine enjoys an enjoyable range of circulation. So, you can purchase them or subscribe them at any given point in time.

Girl’s life magazine

Girl’s life magazine serves as a great gift for girls in their teens. Teen age girls can get a lot of inspirations on the stuff which they love to do. If you have a teen age girl who wants to work on her sense of styling, you can use this magazine as a gift.


It’s an astounding magazine which gives you easy access to the wonderlands. It means Just For Teens. If your teen age boy or girl wants to have unmistakable references to celebrity lifestyle and their clandestine acts, this magazine would work wonders for them.


Muse happens to be quite popular as a teen magazine. Connoisseurs believe that teens can excavate amazing stuffs and gather profound knowledge on a side spectrum of aspects. The magazine is created with kids within nine as well as fifteen in mind. Teens will have a chance to explore articles or posts written on genetics, information given on space, and other aspects such as pictures. By all the right reasons, you should consider it a perfect gift for kids.

The aforesaid teen magazines will offer a trip and a magical access to a wonderland. You will need to have a piercing gaze to determine the appropriate magazines based on the age and level of acumen of the teen for whom you intend to order the magazine.

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