25 Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas – DIY at Home


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All of us want to make our home appear lovely, warm and cozy during Christmas. There are various ideas for decorating your home. Some of them are traditional while others are modern and chic. It depends on your taste and preference which set of home decorating ideas will you use. Christmas Tree is the obvious object that is present inside the home, but there are other things that you can do to decorate your home.

Here are some of the best DIY Christmas decorating ideas:

  1. Holiday Banner- Prepare a lovely “holiday” banner this season and mount it on the wall anywhere inside your home where it is clearly visible. If possible, create it with gold and shimmer so that it glitters during the big day and bring a smile on the face of everyone.


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  2. The Snowman- This is quite a common holiday décor idea. It is fun to make a snowman which involves everyone in the family and it is quite loved by all. Use vegetables to create its nose and eyes to give it a real look.


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  3. Reindeer Carousel- The reindeer carousel is an interesting piece of decoration for Christmas. It can be easily done at home and you can use pinecones and evergreen trees to create a marvelous carousel. Also, do not forget to leave a nice message.
  4. White Winter- White can actually add a lot of glamour to your otherwise drab home. Use a lovely painting, and layer the white objects at home along with a beautiful and pristine garland made by cloth pieces. Enjoy the purity of white!


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  5. Garland Look- The garland is quite a versatile object which can be used to decorate a chandelier or a table and even a candle set in the middle of the table. Prepare a garland with flowers or leaves or with both and give the dining room a makeover for Christmas.


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  6. Add Greenery- Fire and green can be combined to provide a brilliant look to your home during the Christmas. In fact, when the fireplace has a mantle, it is super fine because that space can be decorated beautifully. Branches, logs, leaves, and wooden boxes can be used to decorate this zone.


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  7. Classical Ideas- No one has said that classical ideas cannot be used to decorate home during Christmas. In fact, a mobile Christmas tree along with poinsettia wall art will add the much required fun to your Christmas décor.

    Creative Ribbon

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  8. Creative Ribbon- One of the most exciting indoor Christmas decorating Ideas is to creatively tie ribbon inside the living room. Add a bow made by a red ribbon to your living room objects and also to your kitchen to give a festive look to your home. Also place some on the chairs to welcome guests.
  9. Socks & Cones- The socks and cones happen to be important aspects of Christmas decoration. Add cedar pine on the mantel of the fireplace and also hang the socks from there. Make sure you have a red pair to add lots of color to the appearance. Also, add some beautiful scent.
  10. Advent Tree- This is a wonderful indoor home décor idea with an advent tree counting the days to Christmas. Ditch the calendar this time and prepare a wooden tree with 25 buckets nailed from the tree to count the days to Christmas. It is exciting.
  11. Linen Luxury- Linen looks and feels beautiful. Thus, use linen clothing to add softness and volume to your home décor. Use a skirt, and transform it into a table cloth adding lots of frills thus making it into a beautiful décor item. Place goodies on top of it to enjoy the look.
  12. Snow Globes- make it appear beautiful. Use coconut and fill the jar almost one-third and fill the rest with the evergreen branches of holy tree.
  13. Glass Elements- The glass is a versatile object and you can use it to decorate your home. Create glass objects and fill them with lots of colorful objects like leaves, sticks, small stones and so on to give a nice and modern touch to the décor.
  14. Cocoa Station- Everyone loves cocoa and a hot cocoa station will be appreciable because Christmas occurs during winter. To make the winter more fun and a little warm, a hot cocoa counter inside or outside the home will bring a smile on everyone’s face.
  15. In the Pipeline- Prepare PVC pipe wreathes this Christmas so that you can provide an ultra modern touch to your home décor. Cut the pipes in various sizes and place them on the wall or on the table and fill the hollow with goodies.
  16. Versatile Candles- Candles are accessible in different shapes and sizes; use all of them. Place them at different places and see the wonder. Use candles shaped like tree, bird-sized candles, pillar ones and also the ones with musical notation. These will brighten up your Christmas.
  17. Decorated Centerpiece- Decorate the centerpiece with garlands and also fruits on your table in the dining room. This is a simple DIY home décor idea for Christmas which adds lot of color and volume to the look. Also, this will add a natural element to the Christmas home décor.
  18. Natural Wreaths- Why settle for plastic wreaths when you can make real ones? Either buy or make natural wreaths to wrap around the wooden boxes or any other object. This one looks fresh and will not dry up in few days time after Christmas.
  19. Light Fixtures- These are great places to add some decoration stuff to provide a new look to the old dome décor. You can place dangling Christmas balls from the light fixtures or you can also place them from paintings or wall hangings which look beautiful. Also, hang them from your ceiling.
  20. Stairway to Christmas- The stairway is a nice place to decorate so that it attracts guests easily. Wrap garlands and add pinecones, trees, branches, berries and even balls and ribbons to add volume and color to the place. You can also furnish pictures of the entire family on the banister.


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  21. Cards Décor- Choose a nice cozy corner and paint it with any color you want. Paint a nice pattern so that when you stick the cards on them, they appear beautiful. Alternatively, you can make a Christmas tree by paint and stick other beautiful things on it.
  22. Santa’s Sleigh- Santa’s sleigh is one of the things that children often look forward to during Christmas. They wait for Santa to arrive and bring gifts for them. Surprise your kids with a sleigh design incorporated into your home décor. Use wood to design a sleigh and place it at the entrance.

    Image Source: pixabay.com

    Image Source: pixabay.com

  23. Medallion Wreath- This is an absolutely unconventional idea of home décor. It is artistic and out of the box too. Paint a door hanging and hang it using a ribbon from the wall, ceiling or from the door to add color to your home. Creative isn’t it?


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  24. Illuminated Tree- The illuminated bare branch tree is one of the most fantastic objects to decorate your home for Christmas. Place it at the center of the drawing room where it draws the attention of the guests. It looks beautiful!


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  25. Christmas Pillows- The Christmas pillows are beautiful home décor elements. Use pillow covers of any color with Christmas messages. It appears wonderful.

All these ideas are fabulous and are easy to execute. Make your Christmas wonderful with these ideas and celebrate it in style this time with your friends and family.

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