How to find right house in America

If buying your first home is a huge milestone, building your first home is a giant undertaking.

It should come as no surprise that this kind of project is an investment that you care about getting right. Whether you’re planning to construct the home you’ve been dreaming about all your life, a place to raise a family in, or a retirement getaway for relaxing and recharging, you want to know you have the right information to make your dream a reality.
To make sure that you will love your new home for many years to come, you should have a clear vision for the finished product early, but it can be tough to figure out the exact implementation of your plan. That’s why it is better to take guidance of someone who is an expert and would assist you in choosing a house plan for this, we recommend you to go for American bungalow magazine subscription which will go over everything you need to know as well as all the key considerations to have in mind when making this big decision.

How to Choose a House Plan
There are several relevant factors in the selection process –
• List out your dream preferences
• Research and choose an architectural style
• Must-have features
• Budget
• Determine practical considerations like size
• Combine dream and practical features
• Browse all the possibilities

Get Creative and Dream
Have you always wanted a spiral staircase? A decked-out gaming room? An above-garage apartment? Your pet’s own bedroom?
Now is the time to put your imagination to work and list everything you would want in a home of your dreams. Spend some time really thinking about what elements you would love to have in your home. Don’t worry too much about what is feasible at this point; that will come later. Make your daydreams into a list that you can have at the ready when going through the rest of the process.

Bigger homes can be a great choice if you have a larger family (or plan to have a larger family), and have plans to live in this house for a long time and have gatherings often, or want a dedicated space for a hobby such as working out or reading. Having more space means more flexibility in your home’s design and use

On the flip side, many homeowners/builders in this day and age are opting to go for smaller homes for practical reasons: lower costs, more environmentally friendly, and less extensive maintenance.
Ultimately, the choice is up to you, and should be in line with your budget – and hopefully many of your dream ideas, too.
All of these factors can help you determine if you need to go bigger or smaller. This consideration is especially important, as you want your home to be the right size for you and your family

Combine your Dreams and Reality
The process of building a new home can be both an incredibly exciting and totally overwhelming experience. Combine the fun of imagining your dream home by thinking of adding new dimensions to the project and looking them turning into reality.

Living needs and family lifestyles
Lifestyle and family needs differ depending on individual cycles, stages, and future plans for the home they want to design. For example, features that newly married couples look for in a home plan are different from the features that a retired couple might find important.

Before choosing a house plan, ask yourself a number of questions and finding the answers to them would help you build your nest. Some of them, as suggested are,

  1. Do you have or want to start a family? How many children?
  2. Will you need guest rooms for overnight visitors? What about additional living space to possibly care for grandchildren or elderly parents in the future?
  3. How do you plan to entertain? Do you want a formal dining room and traditional living room for formal entertaining, an open-concept layout for large casual gatherings, or do you prefer smaller, relaxed family get-togethers?

Think about the time you currently spend in certain rooms in your home, and why. For example, some families like to make the kitchen the centre of daily family gatherings and would require an eat-in kitchen with lots of space, while others prefer a family room with room for large sofas.

Where would you prefer the laundry room to be and how large do you need it?

Will you need a large workroom for messy or noisy projects? Do you enjoy gardening? Whatever your hobbies, consider building your home with them in mind so you have more time to enjoy them.

Furnishings and aesthetics

Will the floor plan of your new home plan accommodate your existing furniture, or anything you plan to buy new? When planning room sizes, carefully consider the seating arrangements and how furniture placement that will affect the overall feel of the room. Also, do not forget to separate seating areas with dining area.

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