Why The New Yorker is the most subscribed magazine in America?

New Yorker magazine subscription discount dealsSince its inception in 1925, The New Yorker has been vocal in its views even on the issues related to important personalities, events and appointments. Started as a weekly, this magazine is published 47 times annually. And it is widely read across the globe.

2015 first-half circulation data of The New Yorker magazine

  • 07 thousand copies is the total paid circulation
  • 04 million copies sold to subscribers
  • 49 thousand copies sold through news-stands

The data shows the popularity of the magazine in the US but it is approximately 53% of the total sale volume of the publication. The data is collected from the top 10 metropolitan areas in the US.

Readership Survey

  • In 2009, the average of The New Yorker readers was 47. It was 43 in 1980 and 46 in 1990.
  • In 2009, the average income of The New Yorker readers was $109,877. It was $62,788 in 1980 and $70,233 in 1990.
  • 52% of The New Yorker readers hold liberal views but 77% have left-of-center political views.

The New Yorker shapes the public views by continuously supplying the latest information related to society and polity. The survey clearly shows how the magazine is changing the political orientation of its readers through its reporting and news stories.

See what the readers have to say about The New Yorker

Quality writing: A good number of readers buy the magazine for the reading the best writers in the English language. The essays, fiction, satire and poetry published in the magazine are widely read in America and other parts of the world. English writing travels physical barrier to reach out to those that appreciate good writing style.

Current affairs: People that want to stay tuned to everything that can in anyway affect their personal and professional life read The New Yorker. Its political reporting comes complete with views and it is always ahead in breaking important news. But it never sensitizes any matter. It is one of the few magazines that present the facts in a readable manner.

Criticism: The New Yorker readers mince no words when it comes to giving critical reviews or views. The magazine supplies ample ammo to its readers so that they can easily make an opinion on the latest political developments, sporting events, movies and everything happening in society. Readers appreciate the critical writing of The New Yorker.

Lifestyle: The New Yorker is basically a lifestyle magazine and it focuses on the cultural life of New York city but the wide readership across the globe proves that the magazine addresses a wide range of issues and that it isn’t limited to a city. It has become a world magazine with its subscribers increasing day-by-day.

Cartoons: The New Yorker magazine developed a taste for cartoons for its readers that wait and also expect more intriguing cartoons of celebrities, political personalities and of events. Some of the cartoons published in the magazine even became more popular than its articles and stories.

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Some reasons for the popularity of The New Yorker magazine

Design: Readers like the design especially the cover page of the magazine. They find the design user-friendly that is easy to hold in hands and carry. Superb print quality keeps the readers glued to its pages and interesting content makes a good read all the times.

Editorial: The editorial policy of The New Yorker takes it out of the crowd. The writing is strictly disciplined and balanced to prevent any bias against anyone. The magazine has fast checking and zero tolerance for errors. The clean copy produced after editing is a visual treat.

Service: Subscribers across the globe appreciate the quick and timely service provided by the management of The New Yorker. It is always on time and it never disappoints. Every issue brings smiles on the faces of its subscribers.

The New Yorker is a popular socio-political magazine and this is proved beyond doubt from the above discussion. Its subscribers are increasing and it is one of a few magazines that claim to have a wide readership.


The New Yorker has established itself as a popular magazine catering to all needs of readers. It gives views on political issues; publishes literature and cartoons and everything that interests its readers. New York Magazine Subscription with upto 75% only at magsstore.com. You should subscribe to this magazine if you haven’t yet.

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