Top 10 Expensive Cars In The World 2016

Expensive cars rule the world of classy vehicles. These are highly mechanized items which happen to be desired by all but in fact are attained and possessed by only a few. You too might have some cherished notions and desires about these classy objects of surreal dream. You should not get morose. Here is your chance of picking up a close purview of some of the most astounding and best expensive cars in the year 2016.


This one tops the list with a whopping and bewildering price tag   which is no less than  14. 3 million. Those who are  incessantly in love with the best of the cars in this world will feel immensely for a treasure trove like this.

GT Spyder

The name itself is good enough to send some waves down your spine. You may want to ignore its appeal and fascination but you wont be able to. The car will grab your rapt attention for sure.


It is one of the costliest cars in the world. At present it is to be availed at the price range of 1.2 M which is quite thrilling and dandy. In front of the oomph factor oozed out by the car the price will seem irrelevant for sure.

Lamborgini Aventador Roadster

It is a rare gem for sure. It is a particular car for which you would love to spend millions for sure because it is priceless.


The car is to be availed at a whopping 4.8 million Dollar. It is definitely going to be a sheer priceless edition and you would love to be in possession of it.

Lamborgini VENEO

Lamborgini VENEO is one of the top expensive cars in the world. If you are all set to purchase this ravishing edition then you can have it for $ 4.5 million.

Bugatti Chiron

This high end car is a pride of every car owners. If you are really all set to call this ravishing car your own then you would have to spend something around $ 2.5 million for this dandy and stunning car.

Koenigsegg One

This car does entail an out of the world kind of a feel in it for sure. A ride in this startling piece of beauty is really a great and joyful experience. It costs $ 2 million.

Koenigsegg Regera

It is one of the best cars in the world. The price tag will prove the fact. The can be your at the purchase price of $ 2 million.

Lamborgini Centenario

This particular name features in this list of the best expensive cars in the world. This car has got a fantastic performance this year as the  popularity continues to grow. It can be availed at $ 1.9 million.

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