What to Question while hiring a pet sitter?

What to Question while hiring a pet sitter?

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Are long work hours or away excursions keeping you from your pets? Your first idea might be to request that a companion pet sit—yet reconsider. A companion may love your pets like their own, however an expert from animal wellness magazine who works like a pet sitter and has the experience, instructive preparing and protection inclusion for any situation that may happen while you’re away. In case you’re anticipating employing a pet sitter, read on for a rundown of inquiries to pose before giving over your keys!

  1. Does the pet sitter have the proper business license, if required?
    If your city or state requires a business license, any professional will have a valid license or permit.
  2. Is he/she insured and bonded?
    As per Animal wellness magazine experts you should always have to ask for proof of coverage that is tailored to pet sitting. A pet sitter’s insurance coverage should protect both your home and your pets.
  3. Can he/she provide proof of clear criminal history?
    This person will have access to your property and pets. Ask for proof of a current, clean background check.
  4. Does the pet sitter provide client references?
    He/she should have a list of references for potential clients you may contact. Some pet sitters also include testimonials on their company websites.
  5. Will he/she use a pet-sitting services agreement or contract?
    The contract should detail the services that will be provided, along with all fees and the expected amount of time that will be spent with your pets.
  6. Is he/she a Certified Professional Pet Sitter and/or has he/she participated in other pet-care training, such as pet first aid?
    A qualified professional pet sitter will be trained in pet first aid and may also have a pet-sitter specific certification. Pet sitters committed to ongoing education will be up to date on best pet-care practices. It has been seen that the certified trainers are more responsible and dedicated towards their job which in turn would be beneficial for the trainer, trainee and the owner (in this case).
  7. Is he/she a member of a professional and educational association that provides access to ongoing education?
    Association membership demonstrates a pet sitter’s commitment to their profession—and provides them with access to up to date educational resources and business tools to help them offer the best services.
  8. Will he/she meet with you in advance to meet your pet(s) and discuss their care needs?
    Never book the services of a pet sitter you have not met in person. He/she should come to your home to meet you and your pet, learn about your pet’s routine, and document your care requests.
  9. Does the pet sitter have experience with your specific type and/or breed of pet?
    Make sure he or she has specific experience with the type of pet you have. Experience in caring for special needs pets is also helpful if that is what you need. If not, it might get difficult to handle your type of pet and whole process would go waste.
  10. If he/she uses staff, are they also background checked and thoroughly trained?
    Many pet-sitting businesses use staff sitters. If anyone besides the owner will have access to your home, inquire about proof of their background check and pet experience as well. The process of verification check must be compulsory so as to avoid any future frauds and financial loss when the owner is not present.
  11. How much time is he or she going to dedicate to your pet?
    To have surety that the trainer would give in sufficient time to the animal and doesn’t fall into any unforeseen and illegal practices like, fraudulent in the absence of his owner.
  12. Will you be training the pet and what are the methods you would opt for the same?
    The trainer needs to be aware about the pet and does the pet requires any sort of training.
    Also, the owner must make sure that the trainer uses all ethical and friendly ways to reach out to the pet for training him. It has been observed that sometimes pets are treated brutally in order to train them quickly, that shouldn’t have been the case when hiring an expert.
  13. What are the basic requirements a trainer needs from the owner so as to have smooth functioning during his absence?
    At the time, when the owner is not at home, what is it that the pet animal trainer requires from the owner so to avoid any sort of hindrance in the procedure. It has been seen that lack of basic facilities makes the trainer uneasy therefore, resulting in for granted attitude of trainer. To avoid these situations, these things would be clear before the person enters your personal space.

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