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SELF is a healthy living magazine that encourages women to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their lives.

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Money Back Guarantee: You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason and we will refund the balance value for the unfullfilled copies, but international magazines orders are non-refundable.

The first print issue will be delivered within 6-10 weeks.

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SELF Magazine Subscription

Published Seasonally - 10 issues per year

SELF is a healthy living magazine that encourages women to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their lives.

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We're sorry, but print subscriptions to SELF are currently unavailable for purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SELF Magazine

1.)     When will I receive my first Issue of Self Magazine?
Self Magazine is published 10 times a year, so first copy of Self magazine is expected to arrive in approximately 6-10 weeks. Your order is processed by within 24 hrs of receipt of the order and the money and all order details are shared with the respective publisher. The publishing company will then process your order, and fulfill the dispatch of each issue.

2.)     How do I change my address for Self Magazine?
To change your address, please write to us on – please mention your Self magazine subscription order number, full name and new delivery address to get it updated quickly.

3.)     How can I renew my subscription to Self Magazine through
Yes, you can renew your subscription to Self magazine online at Click on Renew Subscription option at right hand side top of the website, select your magazine and terms you want to subscribe to, place the order and it will be automatically added to your existing subscription.

4.)     How do I know if my subscription order for Self Magazine has been placed?
You receive an email from confirming your Self magazine order details on the same day as you have placed the order. We recommend subscribers to create an account with us so you can check status of subscription online with expiry and renew details.

5.)     How can I gift a Self Magazine subscription to someone?
Absolutely! All you have to do is specify the address of the person in the shipping details during the checkout process. We will send an electronic gift card on your behalf to this person letting him/her know about Self magazine subscription. Alternatively, you could also buy a voucher on the site and we will email it to the person on your behalf. They could then choose the magazine title they wish to subscribe.

6.)     How can I cancel my Self Magazine subscription?
Yes you can. You can cancel your Self magazine subscription anytime and we will refund you the balance amount for unfulfilled copies. Please write to us on – please mention your order number, full name and delivery address to help us to get your order cancelled. It takes normally 3-4 days.

7.)     Why did I receive a renewal notice in the mail, though I renewed my Self Magazine subscription already?
You can receive the renewal notices from publisher 8 weeks or 16 weeks before your magazine subscription expires as they are sent automatically. But, you can ignore them if already renewed your subscription to Self magazine.

8.)     How can I place a bulk order on
Yes, you can place a bulk order on the site. However, we suggest you contact us with your request and we will work out a solution that works as per your requirements and will be a better offer for you.

9.)     I entered my payment details and place an order for Self Magazine – and all I got was a blank screen! I got charged but don’t have the order details. What now?
We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. You will receive an email from us on the same day as you placed the order and your subscription to Self magazine will be processed. We suggest you do not try booking again as you may end up getting charged twice. You can also write to us on

10.)     How Can I write a review on Self Magazine?
It’s easy! Please go to the reviews tab above and you can submit your review there using your name and email.

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