10 Ways how the World Will End

Know how the world will End

Since time immemorial, people have been thinking a lot about the creation and destruction of earth. There has been a string of philosophers and sooth sayers who have reportedly reflected on this topic. It is quite natural that people will tend to have some acute sensations of fear and apprehension in this concern. So, let’s just do one thing. Without wasting much of time and beating about the bush get straight into the action and dwell on 10 ways that could prove to be the vital reasons for the destruction of the planet.

The Sudden Burst of Gamma Rays

Scientists have long been concerned and thoughtful of the impact that could be hurled on earth because of the burst of the gamma rays. According to the best of the breed in the science circles, things can get real sticky. It could lead to unbriddled radiation causing unprecedented fire and dismal situation everywhere.

Galactic Doom

The galaxy could be one of the reasons behind the upsurge of the doomsday. It is deemed by scientists that the entire cosmos could be consumed and diluted by dark objects or space force such as the black holes.


Supernova is a highly dreaded factor that could lead up to a phase of terror in the world. The situation would trigger unprecedented imbalance in power grip for sure. If it happens ever it is almost going to be like unpreventable.

Black Hole

A lot of speculation and presumption has been going on this particular issue. Black hole is presumed to be a threat or fear factor related with the space itself. It might unleash its wrath causing doomsday.

Universe Slowing Decays

The whole cosmos and the universe is presumed to decay at one point of time. If it happens it might happen in a slow as well as time taking procedure. There are many scientists who would choose to think that it could be a verity.

Alien Attacks

Alien assaults and attacks from the space have long grabbed the attention of the people of this planet. There are countless incidents when people have experienced the sightings of species from space. Thus, it has led to the idea or notion that the earth could face the wrath of alien species.

Decay of the sun

People in the science circle are terrified on this aspect. It has come out of many experiments that the star which you all know as sun is slowly but gradually decaying. Keeping this fact in mind, it will not be unnatural for people to note this one as a major contributor for the decay.

Mega Eruptions

The world might experience mega eruptions as well as allied phenomenon which could push it towards a probable dead end. The problem has also been featured in a number of or in a series of cinemas or in a series of television soaps.

Asteroid Impact

Asteroid impact is presumed to be one of the most dreaded possibilities. People in the world of science have mulled over the possibility and they have also worked on possible measures of prevention.

Solar Flare

Solar flare is predominantly assumed to be one of the ten ways in which the doomsday might unleash itself on earth. It is presumed that the condition might be non preventable. Due to this severe problem some acute trouble zones might pop up. As a sharp upshot, ozone depletion levels can reach up to an alarming proportion. The power grids might collapse.

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