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Top 5 Adult Magazines in The USA

Adult magazines are more popular among people because they deal with all the fantasies of human beings. Adult magazines contain photos of models and celebrities that always excite the readers. These magazines also contain...


Best Outdoor Survival Magazine in USA

Digital magazines are now taking the place of printed magazines nowadays. However, the love for printed magazines for its fan is still not irreplaceable, especially when it comes to outdoor magazines. They consist of...


Penthouse and Penthouse Letters Magazine

Pornography is the depiction of sexual and erotic subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. Pornography can be portrayed in different types of media like video, films, pictures, and magazines. Bringing the...

top 5 survival magazine in USA 0

Top 5 Survival Guide Magazine in USA

Uncertainty is the major root cause of the saying that one must be prepared for any situation. This means you have to be anytime ready for any sort of unforeseen emergencies, here is the...

Top 7 mens magazine in USA by Magsstore 0

Top 7 Men’s Magazines by Magsstore

Men’s magazines are as interesting as women’s and this is evident from the popularity of magazines like Maxim, Playboy and GQ. Each magazine is unique because it caters to theneeds of the men. A...

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