12 Best Sex Positions For Women

Your sex life which you enjoy or intend to enjoy with your ladylove is truly crucial as it does occupy a vital place in determining how happy your love relationship is going to be. It is like a game and like every other game you would need to follow a few rules if you have to be the winner here. Once you succeed in making your female partner cum and making her feel that you are the best thing that has ever happened to her then you are definitely going to be counted as the king of this game and the ball will be in your court forever to let you call the shots always. When it comes to the context of full satisfaction in your sexual life then the sex positions naturally come into the scenario. Here is a petite discussion on the 12 Best Sex Positions For Women which will help you ignite the fire in your girl and have double fun during the intercourse.

Resting on the wall

It is a very particular and pleasure giving position for both men and women. It is versatile as well as primal for sure.

Hang ten

This kind of a sex position will definitely coax your woman. You will be in charge of the show for sure while choosing this sex position. This is going to be some sort of a frenzied sex which you will enjoy like you are in the midst of some thrilling game.

The couch candoole

If you happen to have a little bit of a naughty disposition of mind and would love to take any occasion to surprise your woman and let her go crazy then you can definitely hop in for this sex position. This one is going to be great for both of you for sure. It is a passionate pose which will keep you on the edge.

Crouching dragon and standing tiger

Here you take the stand and your woman bows in front of you. It is akin to anal sex. You are definitely in charge here and you allow your woman to get immense pleasure from this awesome sex position. This is going to be a joy ride for sure.

Lusty leg

Here the female partner of your would spread her legs and lift her one of her legs on your shoulder. Women with a bit athletic bent happen to be very fond of this kind of a position.

Pick me high up

This is some kind of a sex position which your ladylove would adore for sure. If you have something like an athletic built then the thing is going to act in your favor for sure. When you pick her up during the intercourse you send shivers all over her sensations that is good enough to drive her crazy.

The wanton wheel barrow

If you truly worship the idea of doing it from behind then the wanton wheel barrow would be of great help to you. However, you need to carry it forward with caution. It is good to do it but it is also good to do it right.

The seesaw

The seesaw would surely be a highly sensual position. Your woman might get you in her control while exercising tight squeeze on you. You will be in her control ad yet you would crave for more. The orgasmic sensation would definitely be the best thing you ever enjoyed.

Lusty lean

During this position your woman will be leaning on your chest. This is the position where you can get the coveted chance of caressing your love over and over again. This is going to get real orgasmic for both of you.

The missionary position

Those women who still love playing the game in old school method would be in love with this position for sure and you can count on it.

The shakers and movers

If you really intend to put on fiery vibe into the game and intend to catch the wild desires of your flame or ladylove then you can surely go for this one.

The magic mountain

The magic mountain is almost akin to have fun and get immense pleasure just like doggie style. It is great for sure.

The girl on top

In this position the girl will sit on you while both of you are having the sensual intercourse. Your ladylove will like the position as it will make her thin that she has some sort of control over you.

The dragon

This is the opposite of the previous sex position. You play the dragon here. In this position you will be on top and you will be all over your girl. Do as much love making as you can and as you should. She is all yours.

Sexy sprinkler

This one is eventually going to get your woman wild and you can bet that she is going to be in love with the suspense embedded in this position.

Tag along with what has just been shared with you. This is the best way that you can choose to have maximum fun in your love life.

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