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Looking for a good magazine to subscribe to for international businesses, current affairs, and culture? You do not need to worry anymore when you have The Economist to your rescue. This British weekly magazine is the first preference of quite a large number of economists worldwide. It has a prominent section entirely dedicated to data journalism plus interpretive analysis. 

What is so special about The Economist magazine? 

The editorial section of The Economist magazine revolves around economic liberalism, social, and classical. Over time the magazine has largely supported radical centrism to favor government and policies. The newspaper majorly focuses on economic liberalism – free trade, free markets, deregulation, free immigration, and globalization. However, the magazine draws a negative connotation as well. While it is popular for its extensive wordplay, it has high-subscription prices as well. The coverage depth links the magazine with an educated and high-income readership. 

The readers of the Economist desire to be ahead of all the happenings in the world. That’s exactly what The Economist offers you weekly in print and daily online. It presents you with a global mixture of interesting and important happenings in the world. The news priorities included in this magazine are reflected in sections. You will find the news distributed both according to the geographies (USA, Europe, Asia, etc.) and themes (finance, business, science & technology, etc). Their systematic shifting of news ensures their readers that they do not miss out on important happenings. The leader’s briefings and special reports help the teams to identify the ideas and trends of shaping global developments. The team then presents this in an engaging format to its readers. 

Choosing the Best Way to Subscribe to The Economist magazine – 

Magsstore offers you The Economist subscription at a 63% discount. You also have an additional 5% discount by using Coupon code WEB5 and the subscription is entirely tax free. And guess what? There are no additional shipping charges for the printed versions. Isn’t that amazing?

This subscription gives you the privilege of accessing both the print and digital versions. We have the best options for new subscriptions, renewing your existing subscriptions, gifting a subscription, and renewing a gift subscription.  

What are the benefits of subscribing to The Economist Magazine?

  • You receive access to the distilled global analysis of both The Economist app and
  • The digital newsletters offer curated expert opinions
  • The audio edition and podcast drive the listeners into a deep world of extensive learning.
  • It gives you complete access to the treasure trove of its digital archives.
  • You can easily subscribe to its webinars on intelligent expert debates and their informed analysis .
  • Its special reports provide unparalleled insights into major happenings around you in the world.
  • Most importantly, you have the liberty of sharing up to five articles with your friends, colleagues, and families.

Few Things to Ponder While Subscribing to The Economist Magazine – 

  • The terms and conditions of subscription for the magazine will solely be the ones that come from the desk of The Economist. These terms and conditions may undergo timely amendments under Special Terms.
  • As the magazine is published around 51 times in one year, the first copy will reach you in 4-6 weeks. The order processing with us is completed within 24 hours of your order confirmation and shared with the publisher. The publishing company then processes your order to fulfill the dispatch of each magazine issue.
  • Renewing a subscription with us is relatively easier. There’s an option for Renew Subscription at the top right-hand side of our website. Click it, select The Economist Magazine, and finally select the terms you want to renew. You do not need to worry about the renewals. For the ease of our readers, we have specially installed auto-notification reminders. So, the moment you are closer to the end of your annual subscription period, you will be notified for the renewal.
  • Likewise gifting a subscription is easier with Magsstore. While you place an order for gift a subscription, specify the receiver’s address to be included in the shipping details while we work on your order checkout. Once done, we will issue an electronic gift card to this person on your behalf to let the person know that the gift subscription is from you. There are vouchers available as well if you wish to use those.

With this, we hope you have a fruitful relationship with Magsstore to read The Economist magazine. In case of any queries, you can always chat with us. We are just an email away. 

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