How does yoga help in boosting your sexual power?

Yoga is a route towards a healthy body and a healthy mind. It promotes the balanced development of the three beings of a man, i.e. mental, physical and spiritual. Unlike all the physical exercises, yoga helps you with the development of the astral body. It has been seen that people who regularly practice yoga stay happier and peaceful with comparison to the others. This is because people who do yoga on a daily basis experience a huge boost in the overall quality of their energy levels and sex lives.

Yoga increases flexibility and increases the stamina in order to gain better self-confidence. There is a strong connection between yoga and sex. Yoga can be very beneficial for sex and that too for both men and women. So, if you are looking forward to better sex life, it is indeed a good idea to head towards a Yoga studio.

How can you improve your sex life with Yoga?

  1. Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility of the body.
  2. Yoga helps you in getting aware of the present scenario.
  3. Yoga helps you in increasing libido.
  4. Yoga helps you in maintaining a healthy body image and self-esteem.

In Yoga, there are many useful and fantastic poses that can help in increasing the circulation of the pelvic region. This makes the whole pelvic area alive and it results in having a good time with your lover by learning some Yoga for bedroom.

Yoga poses to boost your sex power

Bound Angle Pose

  • Bring your soles together, bend down your knees and allow them to drop to the floor.
  • Hold your toes with both your hands. Inhale and lengthen the torso. Exhale and rest from your hips. The goal is to lower your head towards your toes.
  • Hold onto the same pose for around 10 breaths.

Benefits: Bound angle works effectively for low libido. The stretch of the inner thighs and the opening of the hips often lead to sense of intimacy. It works for the improvement of blood flow in the pelvic area, and this is a well-known fact that the increased blood flow increases the level of arousal.

The Child Pose Or Balasana

  • Kneel down and sit on your heels. After that arch your back gently.
  • Stretch your arms in front of you and slowly bring them in resting position with your palms near to your feet.

Benefits: This pose helps in the relaxation of body and mind and helps in clearing away the stress of the day and cooperates in focusing on your partner.

Eagle Pose Or Garudasana

  • Ground down through your right foot and bend your knees simultaneously.
  • Lift the left foot and cross it over the right knee, try to bring your left foot around your right calf.
  • Push your tailbone down and slowly descend into your legs.
  • Inhale arms at your front. Cross your right arm over the left arm and fold your forearms at the elbow. Wrap around each other in order to bring both the palms together. Lift your elbows towards the sky and feel the stretch in the sweet spot of your heart.
  • Hold on for five long breaths and then move to the other side.

Benefits: The Eagle seems to be so sexy, even in the sexual phrases. After releasing your legs from the position, all the flowing blood comes through the cervix. This pose requires steadiness and relaxation, which is very beneficial if you have been stressed for a while.

Padmasana or Lotus Pose

  • Sit on the floor crossing your legs and with the help of your hands, try to pull both your feet in the resting position on the top of the opposite thighs.
  • You must feel a stretch in the thigh muscles in the whole process.

Benefits: The lotus pose or Padmasana helps to promote flexibility of the thighs and hip muscles, which are central to most of the sexual positions.

Wide-legged straddle

  • Sit upright and spread your legs wide apart.
  • Press the back of your legs onto the floor and point your toes and knees towards the sky.
  • Inhale and lengthen the torso. Exhale and lean forward from your hips and try to reach your toes.
  • Hold on for ten breathes.

Benefit: Just like the Bound angle pose, this pose is also good for low libido. It helps in increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area.

UtkataKonasana or Goddess Pose

  • Stand on your feet and bend your knees. After bending your knees and turn them out, somewhat like a squat position.
  • You need to very good at imagining because you need to imagine a line passing through your body.
  • Keep your feet and knees at 45-degree angle.
  • Raise your arms to the level of your shoulder and bend them at the elbow and let your palms face each other.
  • Try to keep your back straight and do not let your body to lean forward.

Benefit: It is a world known fact that every woman wants to feel like godhead and the goddess pose can really help you with that. And this pose works effectively in decreasing the menstruation pain.

Plow Pose or Halasana

  • This pose is quite like leg raise. You need to lie down on the floor and bring your legs in the air over to your body and behind your head.
  • You can even push your arms gently onto the floor beside you.

Benefit: The Halasana pose helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain and enhance stimulation and alertness. It also includes the stretching of the back so you can remain injury-free during sex.

Bridge Pose

  • You need to lie down on your back and bend your knees. Place your feet wide apart.
  • Inhale your hips towards the sky and interlace your fingers beneath the hips. Draw your shoulder blades together and keep both of them on the mat.
  • Hold for ten continuous breaths.

Benefits: The Bridge pose provides an intense hip stretch and with that, it also tones the vagina and helps in improving the orgasm.

ViparitaKarani or Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

  • You need to lie on your back and put your legs straight in the air. Make sure that it is perpendicular to the body.
  • For more support, you can also take some help from them and keep your legs straight like a stick.

Benefit: The focus of this pose is to circulate the blood in the pelvic area.

Downward Dog Pose Or Adho Mukha Svanasana

  • Take your feet hip-width apart and draw your heels towards the floor. Spread your hands wide on the mat and your tail bones towards the back. It will create an inverted V shape.
  • Draw your shoulders away from your ears and relax your neck.
  • Hold on for 7 to 10 breaths.

Benefits: This pose helps in boosting calmness of your mind and energizes your body. Both of the ingredients help you to improve your sex life. It boosts your confidence and tone-up your muscles. It will help you feel long, strong and relaxed.

So, as you can see that how yoga can benefit every course of the life whether it is body health of sexual health. Therefore, practice more to have a blissful sex life.

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