Know 10 Erogenous Zones for Women Body

Know 10 Erogenous Zones for Women Body

Love making with your ladylove is like a must-do which always remains on top of your priority list. However you should never take this sexual activity lightly. It is not something that you can do in a jiffy responding to your own sensual urge. It is highly important for you to understand the body of your female partner, before you are going to jump right into the middle of action. The very act of love making is not only meant to satisfy your own sensual urge but also that of your female partner as well. By satisfying your female partner’s sensual urge you are actually doubly redouble your own sensual pleasures for sure. Here is a petite and precise guideline which you can use to know the body of your girl better before lovemaking.

Here are 10 Erogenous Zones for Women Body

The neck


The neck is supposed to be a highly sensitive area where you can pour in your love in profuse fashion. Your partner is going to love it when you hold her from the back and plant your kisses like anything on her neck. You can even choose to indulge in slight bites on the neck area. This is going to drive her crazy for sure.

The earlobes


The earlobes are supposed to be highly sensitive zones where you can show your intense love and passion by biting on nibbling them in a mild fashion.



You can also choose the forearms of your ladylove for sensual and intense foreplay. Caresses in this area are going to add fuel to fire and drive intense desire of lovemaking in her.



This part of female body is surely sensitive to caresses, munching, bites and slight pressure. When you show your love on the nipples you do send a shiver in her spine.

The Perineum area


If you would really intend to add some real vibe and fiery sensation in your love making and turn it into an intense act driven by profound desire then caressing your lady love around the perineum area would be a good idea for sure. You would be able to drive and trigger the sensual feelings of your love of life for sure if you focus on this part of the female body. The area exists between the vulva and anus.

Vaginal margin


Rubbing around the vaginal area would turn out to be the most delectable act for your female partner and she might urge you to continue your action for as long as you possibly can.



The abdomen is also a sensitive spot where you can shower your love in the form of kisses as well as gentle rub along with fingering. If you do not go very rough on the spot ( in terms of excessive pressure or things like that) she would respond positively and generally move to the next phase of love making.

Anal margins


You can get the desires of your female partner really high by showing your mild love in this area for a considerable period of time.



You will get a very sound response from your lady love as you keep showering your profound love and passion around the area called Areola.



Clitoris would surely be a pleasure zone for your ladylove if you apply vibration and pressure over there.

Getting to know these erogenous zones for women body will ease up the next sensual intercourse that you are going to enjoy with your spouse or life partner for sure. So, keep your sex life buoyed up. Make love and be happy.

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