Top 5 Magazines for Girls

Girl’s Magazine focuses on the issues and topics important to girls over ten years of age. This includes fashion, games, and pop-culture, among other things. A feisty variety magazine for girls and young women features everything from fashion to celebrity news. This magazine does not accept poetry submissions.

The following magazines are considered safe for young girls.

Girls’ Life Magazine

Girls' Life

Girls’ Life Magazine Subscription

Girls’ Life is an American teen Magazine. This Magazine was launched in 1994 by Monarch Services. The Magazine is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. This magazine is considered safe for young girls, age around 12 years. The magazine cover has featured Disney stars, such as Miley Cyrus, Laura Marano, Selena Gomez, and The Cheetah Girls and also other celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Hayden Panettiere that may bring interest to older girls.

Girls Life Magazine contains information and advice on topics such as fashion, cosmetics, relationship, Peer Pressure, time management, stress esteem. This Magazine also covers heavier topics such as dealing with racism, sexual abuse, and feelings for boys, also covers light topics such as skin care, beauty, fashion, style, embarrassing moments. Girls Magazine also contains self-improvement, entertainment, sex tips, celebrity news, dating and relationship tips, beauty tutorials, fashion trends, inspiring stories, and many more. A notable thing about this Magazine is that it did not feature celebrities on the cover, but eventually began featuring celebrity covers, the first being Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls, ceding to the industry’s conventional wisdom that covers with known personalities sells more copies.

Girls’ World Magazine

Girl's World

Girls World Magazine

Girls World Magazine is an introduction to the celebrity lifestyle. It tells about celebrity lifestyle and also uses to speak to all aspects of twins’ life and this is for girl’s ages 6-12 hooked and Hollywood. This magazine is an ultra-unique mixture of a Lifestyle magazine and speaks to all aspects of a twins life.
This magazine content-rich topics like recipes, craft, and creative inspiration, to amazing advice, fun games, book experts, etc.
We can say that give your girls this Girl’s World magazine She will love it reading and you will also feel happy that she is reading a magazine on that you can trust.

Elle Girl (Japan) Magazine

Elle Girl (Japan)

Elle Girl Japan Magazine Subscription

It consists topic of fashion and beauty and entertainment. Elle is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 46 international editions in over 60 countries. Hachette Filipacchi Medias began publishing Elle outside of Europe in 1969, launching its Japanese publication.
The Chinese version of the magazine was first published in 1988. It was used as an informational and educational tool for the opening of the Chinese textile market.
The Dominance was reflected in the famous slogan “Si Elle lit, Elle lit Elle (If she reads, she reads Elle)”
Elle Girl magazine is an international fashion magazine and targeting the young women’s market. This magazine focuses on issues that are related to junior sophisticated Women.

New Moon Girls Magazine

New Moon Girls

New Moon Girls Magazine

New Moon Girls is a magazine and for girls ages 8 and up. The magazine was founded in Duluth, Minnesota, United States, and is now published in Richmond, California, on a bi-monthly basis.
The Magazine was established in 1992 as New Moon. The first issue of the magazine was published in the year March 1993. The magazine was started by Nancy Gruver. This Magazine is for Girls and Their Dreams. A special feature of this magazine is that this contains no advertisement. The Magazine contains 36 Pages. 90% percent of the magazine’s content is contributed by girls and submission from readers so that it encouraged readers.

In the year September 2008 the group created a COPPA- complaint girls online community, a sager and creative social network for girls,
Monitored by trained moderators. On this site, girls from different countries can create and share their stories, poems, messages, and illustrations. Most contributions of girls-created content to the site are from girls age 10 and up. Users of this site are required to obtain guardian or parent permission to use this magazine site.

Material Girl Magazine

Material Girl

Material Girl Magazine Subscription

Material Girl magazine is a Romantic and Dreamy Magazine for all groups and ages girls. The Magazine is based on fashion. The magazine is known for its inspiring fashion editorials by internationally awarded photographers, stylists, and make-up artists. The magazine covers topics from fashion to beauty, Jewellery or Sweets, and much more. In short, we can be called this fashion and beauty magazine.

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