Top 5 magazines on WOMEN Empowerment

Magazines are yet another way to practice the human right of expression. Magazines include interviews, inventions, innovations, discoveries, thoughtful opinions, revolutionary ideas, photography, designs, article and emotions. Women’s magazines are a major category. It is highly recognized and appreciated. It covers all the inspiring stories about women. It focuses on the achievements of women around the world.

Here we share Top 5 magazines that focus on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.


Vogue Magazine Subscription

Vogue UK Magazine Discount Subscription

British Vogue is a fashion magazine based in London since 1916. Edward Enninful is the current Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. It is published by Conde Nast Publications. Vogue U.K. is the leading and the most influential magazine in the United Kingdom. Vogue had its first issue in 1892 and is a hit since then. It has twelve issues per year.

No one can describe fashion better than Vogue. Vogue U.K. is full of the latest fashion, beauty, cosmetics, and inspiring stories. It features best models from all the parts of the globe and sets a new benchmark of achievements in all its editions. It is available both online and offline. It covers interviews of the latest achievers in the field of entertainment, acting, modeling, sports, science, and technology, business. Not only them, but Vogue U.K. also publishes the stories of unsung people around the world. It empowers women from all backgrounds to become world leaders and lead this world towards peace and harmony.

The magazine featured Gigi Hadid, the 21st-century girl – a model who is extremely courageous and fearless. She is highly followed on social media. Oscar-winning actor Judi Dench has become the oldest person ever to get featured on the cover of the British Vogue. She was 85 years old then. Emma Watson was also seen on the cover of the Vogue, flaunting in red on the Vogue UK’s December 2019 cover.

Gift yourself a treat with the stylish Vogue UK magazine subscription and find a great range of fashion in your monthly read. Be a part of the fashion evolution with Vogue UK and be ahead of the curve.


First For Women

First for Women Magazine subscription Discount

First for Women is a woman’s magazine published by Bauer Media Group, U.S. based company. The magazine was first published in 1989. It is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, United States Of America. First for Women issues seventeen magazines per year. First for Women circulated more than 1.3 million copies in the year 2011.

Women all over the world deserve all the love and appreciation. Women everywhere have to struggle for everything. This magazine is full of praise for women and their contribution to society. First for Women is a perfect magazine for women. It covers the lifestyle of women and all the trending news. It has been an inspiration to all the women working across the globe. The First for Women magazine is published every three weeks and it delivers positive information regarding health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and lifestyle for mothers and women around the world.

The magazine publishes articles on homeopathic remedies and new treatments that women can practice for existing medical conditions. The magazine also includes articles on how to clean up the house and make it more comfortable. It features the latest celebrity trends and fashion.

Subscribing to First for Women Magazine gives the subscriber a chance to find the best clothing to flatter the figure, recipes for family dinners, and tips on staying healthy and happy.


Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Magazine Discount price

Vanity Fair could be a highly reputed magazine within the category of culture, fashion, and current affairs. The magazine is published by Condé Nast Publication. The primary version of life-style was published from 1913 to 1936. The magazine was revived in 1983. Vanity Fair currently includes five international editions of the magazine (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy). Radhika Jones is the Editor of the Vanity Fair. The magazine had quite more than a million circulations within the year 2018. Vanity Fair has twelve issues per annum. In 1996, brilliant journalist Marie Brenner wrote an expose on the industry “The Man Who Knew Too Much”. The article was later reformed into the movie “The Insider”, including stars like Al Pacino and Russell Crowe. life-style also published an interview with Jennifer Aniston after her divorce with Brad Pitt.


Glamour UK

Glamour U.K. magazine discount price

Glamour is published by Conde Nast Publications. The Glamour magazine was founded in 1939 in the United States of America. Originally it was named Glamour of Hollywood. It was renamed to Glamour. Samantha Barry (U.S.) and Deborah Joseph (U.K.) are the Editors of the Glamour. It has twelve issues per year and can be subscribed online. Glamour had more than two million circulations in the year 2013 in the United States. Glamour promotes sustainability, feminism, and women empowerment.

Glamour holds an award ceremony every year which has two major award categories. Glamour Top College Women Of The Year and Glamour Women Of The Year recognizes women in the public eye.

Glamour magazine is also published in France, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, Netherlands and Greece.

Glamour is the United Kingdom’s leading women magazine. It includes controversial celebrity interviews, fashion, beauty, awesome real-life stories, entertainment, health, fitness, food, and travel. It is a must subscribed online magazine platform.


Marie Claire Magazine Subscription

Marie Claire Magazine Discount Code

Marie Claire is an all women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine which is published every month. The magazine was first issued in 1937. The Editors of Marie Claire are Marie O’Riordan (U.K.) and Anne Fulenwider (U.S.A.). Marie Claire magazines are published by Group Marie Claire (France), Hearst Cooperation (U.S.A.), TI Media (U.K.) The magazine is published in and thirty-five other countries on five different continents and in twenty-four different languages.

Marie Claire has completely turned digital. The magazine covers women’s lifestyle, health, beauty, fashion and latest trending news from all over the world. Marie Claire is a global women’s leadership magazine that revolves around the struggle and the success of women around the world. The cover of Marie Claire magazine has featured Dakota Johnson, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Kidman, Ashley Olsen, Lily Collins, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and many other beautiful and successful women.

There is a lack of balance between men and women in society. Women all over the world are victims of rape, murder, domestic violence, male dominance, pay-parity, female foeticide, illiteracy, lack of opportunity, and character assassination. Women are judged and questioned everywhere and always. Magazines are the platform to call for equality. Women’s magazines allow sharing their inspiring and motivating stories. There is no better way to call for equality than by glorifying the contributions and achievements of women from all over the world.

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