Does sex make you gain weight?


There is a difference of belief among researchers about the effect of sex on weight. A few scientists say that having an excessive amount of sex can result in increase of weight of women, while others say that customary energetic sex can really help a woman to lose calories and hence, weight

A few women say that they begin to put on a lot of weight on their boobs and hips once they begin having consistent sex. It has become a matter of anxiety for many females, particularly once they get hitched. Does sex make you gain weight? You will get the answer to this question in this article.

Why you gain weight after Sex?

Many researches and studies have shown that women begin putting on weight on their hips and boobs once they have intercourse all the time. A few scientists have demonstrated reasons behind it. They say that, hormone prolactin stimulates milk products and paternal love and this can be a reason behind females to put on weight at a quick pace. Once a lady achieves the level of climax after sex, there is an increased flow of blood after sex.

Those people who experience the ill effects of increased amounts of prolactin can result in huge weight enhancement. In any case, scientists say that the prolactin discharge or level of prolactin in the blood is a transitory thing after sex.

In this way, it can’t be compared and steady elevated amounts of prolactin, which is really a restorative condition called hyperprolactinemia. Similarly, a few scientists have presumed that general sex has a temporary antagonistic effect on the weight of a woman.

Physiological and Psychological reasons

According to another study, there is a connection amongst sex and women increasing fat. The scientists have said that there is no physiological motivation to boost the possibility that women hips and breasts increase due to regular sex. They rather believe that individuals having intercourse can really burn a few calories, which can help them to lose a little weight.

Similarly, there is no weight gain due to regular intercourse. To support this theory, they have pointed that it is not possible that the discharged semen will get processed and retain into the blood at the time of intercourse. Although, in case it gets processed, in 2-3ml of ejaculation the calorie content is only 15 calories. This is not adequate to acquire a noteworthy difference in a man’s weight.

Weight Gain after Marriage

Generally, individuals after marriage frequently tend to put on weight. Women, as well as men put on a considerable measure of weight after their marriage. However, it has nothing to do with sex. Or maybe, scientists say that individuals may show signs of improvement due to the sense of security or they begin being more joyful in the comfort of a relationship.

A few scientists have really demonstrated that individuals who are not involved in a relationship eat less as compared with the general population in a relationship. Similarly, for ensuring that you are not putting on additional weight after marriage, you should simply check your eating regimen. A sound eating regimen and a tiny bit of normal practice ought to help you to stay lean.

In case a woman moves in with a man after marriage, they have dinners together. Since men eat more calories on an average, the women may likewise end up eating food of similar amounts. A happy and secure relationship can really build your diet. Therefore, both males and females won’t know about this reality and end up eating a great deal more than usual.

Use of Contraceptive Pills can be the reason for gaining weight

Another explanation behind putting on weight might be regular use of contraception pills. However, this reason must be applicable to ladies who regularly take these pills. The most widely recognized symptoms of these pills are queasiness, migraine or breast tenderness.

A few females can really begin putting on weight due to its side-effect. This may happen because of liquid maintenance, yet for the most part this does not happen in noteworthy sum. The contraception pills are of two types. One pill comprises of progestin only, while the other is a combination pill which comprises of both progestin and estrogen.

Usually, a similar sort of combination is used for contraception, however in various doses. The formulation of progestin may vary in various drugs. Hence, different pills offer different hormone type at different doses resulting to different kind of side effects.

However, this weight increase because of the pills is an impermanent adverse effect and it vanishes within a few months. So, if a lady is retaining this weight gain for a long period of time, it is advisable to counsel a doctor as it is unnatural.

Many people feel hungry after having intercourse with their partner. It is due to the fact that they have burned a lot of calories during the sex and their body needs the replenishing.

The heart of the person starts beating faster at around 150 beats per minute. An energetic intercourse can result in burning of huge number of calories. Regular intercourse can keep the levels of cortisol and unease at bay.

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