How yoga strengthen immunity naturally

Whether you are in your teens, adult life, and old age what keeps you fit and healthy is “Yoga”.
One of the major benefits of being a yoga follower is, it will give improve your immune system.
The best practice to increase the body’s immunity in order to protect your body against harmful and chronic diseases is Yoga.
From common medical ailments like cold and flu to chronic, life-threatening conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases, a strong immune system is a secret to enjoying a healthy and fulfilled life.
By what means would yoga be able to assist you in boosting the immune system?
Let’s uncover the numerous benefits of learning and practicing yoga to boost your immune system

What does the immune system do?
The immune system is the most essential biological structure of the human body which helps the system to protect the body to fight with diseases. It first detects the foreign bodies which are present in the body and then attacks the variety of threats, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, while distinguishing them from your body’s own healthy tissues

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How to boost your immune system with Yoga?
Yoga is one of those precious gifts bestowed upon us by our ancestors. It helps in uplifting our body and works wonders in bringing down the stress, anxiety that are the primary reasons for a weak immune system.
Here is the list of 6 yoga asanas given by Yoga Journal magazine which could help you to build your immune system. Some of them pose are known to help your immune system. Take a look at them below –

  1. Mountain Pose
    Mountain Pose is the most effective pose to improve immunity.
    As the name proposes, in this posture you simply need to stand straight like a mountain, opening up your arms to the sides of your body.
    Advantages: This yoga present aides in adjusting your stomach related framework, steadies your breathing, expand the mindfulness and vitality, and orchestrates your brain and body. You just need 10- 20 seconds of your day for this asana.
  2. Tree Pose
    To practice tree pose yoga, you simply remain on one foot while resting your other foot, on the thighs of the leg, on which you are standing. This pose resembles a ‘tree’ as is evident in the illustration above. Your hands should join upwards in a Namaste as depicted and you need to relax while holding this asana.
    It boosts your confidence and relaxes the nervous system.
    This asana should be done on an empty stomach and a fresh mind. Do this yoga Sana daily and watch how you start feeling better and stronger from within.
  3. Big Toe Pose
    To practice Big Toe Yoga at home, you just need to stand and, bend your upper body while trying to touch your toes with your hands
    If you wish to practice Padangusthasana in the evening, give it a gap of thirty minutes before or after a meal.
    Benefits: This asana is known to calm and relax to the mind. This releases stress, anxiety, and stimulates the digestive system. It gives the new energy to the kidneys and the liver. While also dealing with insomnia and helps in improving sleep.
  4. Chair Pose)
    For practicing Chair pose yoga, simply be in a seated chair position and raise your arms above your head. This yoga exercise could be challenging if you are not used to doing squats or knee exercises before.
    This posture must be rehearsed toward the beginning of the day, with an empty stomach, for 30-60 seconds.
    Benefits: This pose helps in balancing your body. It massages the abdominal organs and helps in stimulating the heart. It also helps in reducing weight and increases your lung capacity.
  5. Cobra Pose
    To rehearse Cobra pose rests on your belly and lift up your chest and chin over the ground. This yoga Sana is based on Surya Namaskar asana that is known to bring down blood sugar levels, keep anxiety at bay, and strengthen muscles.
    Practice this asana for 15- 30 seconds early in the morning.
    Benefits: This asana increases your metabolism and thus, helps in reducing weight. It helps in relieving stress and helps in opening up your heart and lungs. It also increases flexibility, elevates your mood, and aids kidney function.
  6. Fish Pose
    To rehearse Fish Pose, simply plunk down in a situated lotus position and attempt to put your head in reverse. Hold this posture for 30-60 seconds.
    Practice this posture promptly in the first part of the day, all together, to improve your stomach related framework and rest quality.
    Advantages: This posture helps in engrossing body supplements better. It calms the pressure in the shoulders and neck. It helps in breathing right and tones the parathyroid organs which help better invulnerability.

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