Does Birth Control Pill Make Your Boobs Bigger?


Birth Control pills are the most well-known type of hormonal contraception used all over the world today. They work to avoid unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in three ways.

Preventing the process of Ovulation

Every month, the ovaries of a woman release a mature egg. This process is commonly called ovulation. In case this egg comes into contact with sperm, a woman can become pregnant. If there’s no egg to fertilize, a woman cannot become pregnant.

Increasing the amount of Mucus on the walls of Cervix

The hormones found in birth control pills enhances the development of sticky mucus on your cervix. This increased production of mucus makes it harder for sperm to enter the cervix. In case the sperm can’t enter the cervix, they can’t fertilize an egg, if it is released.

Altering the lining of the Uterus or womb

The lining of your uterus is altered due to the use of Birth Control Pills. After a couple of months of using the pills, your uterine lining might be thin to the point that a fertilized egg would experience problem in attaching to it. In case that a fertilized egg can’t attach to the uterus, it can’t grow.

A thin uterine covering may also influence the vaginal blood loss during the menstrual cycle. Without a thick uterine covering to shed, your periods might be lighter. After sometime, you may not face bleeding at all.

Birth Control pills are more than 99 percent powerful in preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, if you take them regularly. There are a few types of Birth Control medications that have similar results. These include the ring, the patch, and the injection.

How the birth control pills affect the body of a woman?

Birth Control pills contain hormones. These hormones, estrogen and progestin, are synthetic hormones that are usually present in your body. When you start taking contraceptive pills, your levels of these hormones will rise. These synthetic hormones can result in certain signs. The majority of these symptoms will reduce after a couple of weeks or months of using the pills.

The hormones contraceptive pills may bring about changes in your boobs. Only surgery can permanently change the size of breasts. However, few women face changes in boobs size when they initially start using the Birth Control pills.

In most of the cases, any alteration in the size of the breast is due to fluid retention or weight gain by increase in hormones. A few females may face a change in breast size while taking the contraceptive pills. Boobs size may come back to normal when you take placebo pills that might be in your pill pack.

Following a couple of weeks or months on the pill, the temporary alterations reduce and your bosom size will come back to normal.

Are There Other Side Effects of Birth Control Pills?

Other than changes in the breast size, the hormones present in the pill can bring about opposite reactions. These can include:

  • Changes in menstrual cycle, for example, no or very less bleeding
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Increase in Weight eight
  • Tenderness of Breast

What are the reasons behind the occurrence of these symptoms?

The hormones found in contraception pills are synthetic analogues of hormones that are actually present in our body. At the point when taking these pills, the level of hormones in your body rise.

Due to rise in hormones level, these hormones can produce changes in your body, for example, a transitory increase in boob size or weight gain. In some women, harmful effects of birth control pills are extreme.

These uncommon side-effects can include:

  • high circulatory strain
  • blood clusters
  • a heart attack
  • a stroke

Birth Control pills that contain estrogen will probably bring about these extreme symptoms. These symptoms are more unlikely with progestin-only pills. This comes as an exchange off, however. Progestin-only pills are less effective at avoiding pregnancy than those containing estrogen.

Some things to be kept in mind while taking Birth Control Pills

Most women can effectively take birth control pills with no signs, reactions, or complexities. But in certain cases, women are not allowed to take contraceptive medication as it can result in serious harmful effects.

Women who must be extra cautious when taking birth control medication belong to following category:

  • smoke and are over age 35
  • have a medical history of hypertension
  • have higher levels of cholesterol
  • problems in clotting of blood
  • problem of severe headache
  • are overweight

When to consult a doctor?

Before beginning with hormonal contraception, you must have an examination with your doctor about any possible harmful reactions. In case the increased breast size is your main purpose behind taking birth control pills, it’s vital to recall that most changes in boobs size are brief.

Some women many not face the problem of increase in breast size when taking contraceptive medication. In case you’re hoping to increase the boob size permanently, talk about your alternatives for breast size increase with your doctor.

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