Top 5 Survival Guide Magazine in USA

Uncertainty is the major root cause of the saying that one must be prepared for any situation. This means you have to be anytime ready for any sort of unforeseen emergencies, here is the list of magazines which could you prepare for such situations and increase your basic survival skills. It can also help you understand the need of carrying what at which time.

1.Prepper Survival Guide
The magazine offers you everything from what supplies to gather to how to survive on your own in the wilderness and should the need arise for you to leave your home. A reader can also learn how to prepare your “prepper pack” as well as the rules of engagement that you must remember and follow during these types of situations.
The magazine offers you details for home security, modern security system and why they are not enough, gathering of supplies which is essential for your survival, how to secure your home, how to survive, live and thrive off grid and rules of engagement. Now go for Prepper survival guide magazine subscription at Magsstore and read up with free shipping.

2. American Survival Guide
The magazine aims at looking for new products to share with readers. Any user can communicate the word of expression via an online request sent through e-mail at ‘’ with a complete query description. The organization makes sure to contact the user if they are unable to use the product.
It also allows the user to provide feedback and recommend changes for the organization’s goodwill. American survival guide magazine subscription is available on Magsstore as well and ou will get up to 79% discount.

3. Survivors Edge
Today’s world is changing at a faster pace and it is important now than ever before to prepare yourself for new survival challenges on a daily basis. Survivor’s Edge helps proactive readers to take initiative to plan and prepare for the disaster with survival tips applicable in real and insider articles about survival skills and necessary supplies.
Readers are interested in planning an evacuation strategy who want to refine long-term survival tactics should opt-in for a subscription to Survivor’s Edge. This unique magazine contains top-quality content for all levels of survivalists, from the beginner to the advanced prepper. The content shares the tips needed to survive a pandemic, riot, animal attack, nuclear war, natural disaster and more.
What all can you learn with Survivors Edge magazine subscription? You can learn how to assemble a self-defense weapon belt that’s ready when danger strikes. You can know the steps you need to take to survive the first 72 hours after a disaster. You can understand hostage escape tactics, secure off-grid power, Learn tips on safe gun usage. Enjoy photos of extreme escape vehicles. Read true-life stories about survivalists who escaped death. Such stories give you a lifelong lesson of being a survivor and not a quitter.
One can enjoy roundups and reviews of products for must-have prepper go-bag kits, including knives, solar energy guns, water purification bunkers, survival bows, backpacks, multi-tools, utility belts, generators and more.
The magazine serves its issue once in 2 months which is 6 for a year and it is published by Athlon Media. It serves you with the option of automatic renewal service i.e. this publication comes with Automatic Renewal Service. You will receive all the benefits of an automatic renewal program. The subscription does not force any of its users to subscribe without customer’s will, one can it cancel at any time.

4. Recoil
RECOIL is a guns and weapons lifestyle publication for the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue comes up with the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides. Recoil’s gear coverage includes everything from watches and survival equipment to vehicles that appeal to the modern shooter’s lifestyle.
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5. The Backwoodsman
The Backwoodsman, also known as The Backwoodsman Richie’s Magazine, is a bimonthly magazine “dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier living.” The magazine, created by Charlie Richie, Sr., was first published in 1980. It has its headquarters in Westcliffe, Colorado.
Most of the magazine’s content cover areas of interest that relate to self-sufficiency and self-confident; however, it is not primarily a survivalist magazine. The Backwoodsman frequently publishes reprints from older how-to project type magazines and books, and reader-submitted articles. Every content writer associated with the magazine also writes for it on a regular basis.
Among how-to guides, frequent subjects include making canoes, domestically designed welders, black-powder cannons, beer, and clothing. Other topics covered include American-Indian lore, hermits, muzzle-loading, antique, and old military rifles, traditional archery, and early American history. An editor for the Los Angeles Times called the magazine “a primitively designed bi-monthly that revels and preserves the simple ways of our ancestors.
Anarcho-capitalist site listed it as among the three best survivalist magazines.

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