What are the Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know?

Survival of the fittest – Herbert Spencer

It’s a jungle out there and if you aren’t fit enough to survive in woods, you will lose the battle of life. As a proud citizen of a developed country and a happy resident of a cosmopolitan city, you have access to necessities of life. You get potable drinking water, round the clock electricity and cooking gas for meal preparation. But did you ever think of people stuck natural disasters like tropical cyclone, earthquake and flood.

It is good to have basic survival skills to remain alive in difficult times. And if you are of the opinion that you would need undergoing military training to develop survival skills then you are wrong. An American survival guide magazine could educate you on the survival skills. There are some very basic things related to survive in tough times.

Let’s take a few quick lessons on survival

a. Finding pure water

You’ve seen Bear Grylls giving lessons on surviving in a jungle in his program Man vs Wild in Discovery Channel. The first thing he searches for is pure potable water. Do you know human can survive without food but not without water? There is abundance of water but the precious liquid you need is always running. Stagnant water bodies could be toxic due to presence of insects and animal excreta.

The best way to find pure water is to follow the animals. They will take you a waterbody that is pure and healthy. But it is better to boil the water before drinking. Boiling will kill the bacteria present in the water and in this way make it 100% safe and healthy. Next best thing for survival is starting a fire.

b. Starting a fire

Fire will give you warmth in cold nights; it will create a safety wall that will prevent predators away and also it will be helpful in signaling for help. Bear Grylls uses a bow drill to start a fire but there are many other ways to light a fire. The basic things you need to light a flame are dry grass, leaf and branches. Collect all the dry inflammable things and start a fire.

When you have fire, you can stay warm, boil water, cook food and wait to be found by the rescue team. With drinking water and fire, you can remain safe for a long time. After getting water and collecting dry leaf for fire, you need a temporary shelter that will give you added protection in the wild.

c. Temporary home & Shelters

Weather is the best friend and also it can become the biggest enemy. In clear weather condition, you can remain in open but you need a shelter in rain, snow and sunlight. Making a structure is a difficult job but you have to make one especially when you are in the wild. The best way to make a temporary home is to follow the lean-to process. It involves leaning a building material up against a structure like a tree and rock. Also, the structure should be close to water body.

d. Find your way

When you are stuck in wild, the first thing you need to do is to determine your position. Find a high ground from where you can see the entire area and decide which route to follow or where not to go. The sun will tell you where you are standing and the running water will guide you how to get out of the place.

If you want to learn the basic skills of natural desaster survival, you should to go for American survival guide magazine subscription to get the survival training at home. This training will save your life in difficult times.

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