Top Ten Best Magazine Publishing Companies in USA

Reading magazines in various segments is still very popular among the readers, in all over the world. The magazine publishing companies are striving to produce their best to their readers. Publishing companies are competing with each other to produce best results, for their readers. The top ten magazine publishing companies in United states of America are-

Nature America

Nature America is produced by Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Nature Publishing Group is a publisher group of high impact information from scientific and medical fields. These information about science and medicine is produced by NPG, both in print and online.

Nature Publishing Group publishes journals, online data bases and services, across scientific areas. These are from life, physical, chemical and applied sciences, with clinical medicines.

This publishing company is based in the city of New York, in United States of America. Nature Publishing Group is an efficient market place for publishing magazines and journals.

Association for Computing Machinery

Association for Computing Machinery or ACM Publications are specialised in bringing the discoveries of computing researches and practitioners, before the world for the world’s attention. This publication company, Association for Computing Machinery has been bringing the best and the brightest minds in computing to them, for more than 60 years.

These best computing brains share their ideas, publish their work with ACM in their joint effort to change this world. ACM Publications offers the most premiere venues to showcase all researches those are cutting edge and all breakthrough discoveries. They offer practical solutions to real global challenges.

International Monetary Fund Publication services

This publication house is based in the city of Washington, the capital city of United States of America. This is a publication house, which is managed and controlled by the international organisation, International Monetary Fund.

International Monetary Fund, which is an international organisation, publishes a wide range of books. It also publishes a great number of periodical magazines. All these publications are in print and are related to the activities of International Monetary Fund. These include its researches, research papers and other reports, related to international finance.

They also issue CD-ROMcovering international finance, statistics, monetary issues and exchange rates.

Getty Publications

It is a publication house that is based at the city of Los Angeles, in United States of America. Getty Publications is a publication house that publishes on antiquities. Getty Publication specialises in publications of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

Getty Publications also specialises in publishing about European paintings and drawing. This publication house publishes with priority articles and topics about photography, the history of arts, the history of humanity etc.

Getty Publications gives prominence to the articles and topics related to conservation of cultural patrimony and research for art documentation.

CIO Magazine

This unique publication house is based at in the city of Framingham, in United States of America. This unique publication deals with the insights of people from the groups of senior executives.

CIO Magazine is a publication that specialises in providing the insights of senior executives, related to many administrative and technical matters. CIO Magazine also provides in depth knowledge of these high-profile people, who are dealing with matters regarding Information Technology and are sharing their knowledge in CIO Magazine.

It also publishes full text articles from the year 1994 till date, along with all tools of research and learning.


Ebony is a publication house from United States of America. Ebony represents the authoritative perspective on the black community in USA. Ebony provides all information about this perspective to its readers, in all over the world.

This magazine is in its 66th year and is very efficiently led by Kiema Mayo, the Editor in Chief. Ebony is a monthly magazine and is read by nearly eleven million readers, every month.

Ebony features the articles of best thinkers, trendsetters, hottest celebrities and leaders from next generation. Ebony initiates conversations, promotes empowerment and celebrates aspirations.

National Geographic Society

This is a publication house that is based in the capital city of Washington, in United States of America. National Geographic Society is a world-wide organisation. This organisation came into existence, in the year 1888.

National Geographic Society deals with publications related to geographical findings and information. National Geographic Society is publishing books for both adults and children. These books are based on information about world geography and its discoveries, findings and researches.

National Geographic Society publishes full range of world maps, Atlases, National Geographic Magazine, Traveller, Adventure and World Magazines and National Geographic for Kids Magazines, with videos and exhibits.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is a publication company, that is based at the city of New York, in United States of America. Publishers Weekly is a publication that specialises in information that is needed by people, who are connected with the business of publications.

Publishers Weekly specialises in providing the information, which is needed by executives, who are in the industry of publication and book selling. This information is very important for them to run their business. Publishers Weekly Magazine, its web site and the E Mail news letters provide in depth analysis of publication industry news and its latest trends.

This publication house is based at Chicago, in USA. When InDesignSecrets users search for answers to their questions, they find all their answers at This is a publication web site, which features thousands of tips, techniques and tutorials by the top experts, in their respective subjects.

This publication web site provides information and expert advice from the leading industry forum and weekly newsletter regarding topics related to various subjects in life. This publication house publishes monthly PDF magazines, InDesign Magazine, with members only discounts, for the readers and subscribers.

O’Reilly Media Inc

This publication company is bases at Sebastopol, in Unites States of America. O’Reilly Media Inc is one of the world’s leading most computer and technical book publishers. O’Reilly Media Inc is a publication company, that spreads this technical knowledge among people through its books.

O’Reilly Media Inc also has online services for spreading knowledge online. It has its magazines, researches and research papers and conferences.

O’Reilly Media Inc has been a chronicler and catalyst of leading edge development, focussing on the technology trends, which are really important. This publication company has a long history of advocacy, meme making and evangelism.

Above are the top ten best magazine and book publication companies in USA, who are contributing in the society by spreading information and knowledge among the readers.

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