What are the 8 biggest benefits of solving crossword puzzles?

National Crossword Puzzle Day is celebrated on December 21. The New York World Newspaper published the first crossword puzzle was published on December 21, 1913, and soon these puzzles became so popular that the enthusiasts started recognizing as Dec 21 the crossword puzzle day.

Today, every newspaper publishes these puzzles and also you can easily find a crossword puzzle magazine to enjoy solving the riddles and taking advantage of these interesting word-games. Do you know what advantages do you have with these puzzles? If no then this article is going to be an eye-opener for you.

1. Enhanced vocabulary
It is the first and the biggest of all benefits of solving word-riddles. You need to have a very strong vocabulary to play this game. Or you can say that you can easily improve your vocab with the help of these puzzles. Every puzzle would add a new word to your memory and in this way build a strong base for improved vocab.

2. Developed cognitive and analytical skills
This benefit is more technical in nature as it is related to the stimulation mind receives when one tries to solve a riddle. The person focuses on the letters that make a word. He tries concentrating on the word and looks into his memory to find the right word to solve a puzzle.

3. Memory Booster
You learn many words but you only remember the words that you use. Here it won’t be an exaggeration to say that playing the word-game would boost your memory. You will use more words when you play crossword puzzle and using more would help in memorizing more. In the long run, your power to memorize would improve.

4. Reduced risk Dementia and Alzheimer’s
According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley, mind exercises like reading and writing reduces the risk of slowing down of the brain in old age. In other words, mental activities keep the mind active and an active mind shows no signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Playing the crossword puzzle is the most convenient and enjoyable way of doing brain exercises.

5. Stress Buster
An unoccupied mind can be a home to negative thoughts but an occupied mind can never is always full of positive ideas. And the best way to keep mind occupied is to play crosswords. Yes, it is the most convenient way of staying active for the maximum time.

6. Break from Monotonous Job
When you need a relaxing break from a backbreaking job, you can solve a few crossword puzzles. In the process, you will stimulate your mind and try memorizing the words that are the answers to the puzzles. Soon you will feel relaxed. Solving a few word-riddles will rejuvenate your body and mind for another round of work.

7. Positive Attitude
A puzzle is a problem with a definite answer and you only need finding that answer. Your interest in puzzles would encourage you to look at every problem like a puzzle and find its answer. And you won’t give up until you find the right answer to that problem. Or it would be better to say your positive attitude towards problems won’t let you give up before solving the problems.

8. Quick Thinking
When trying to solve crossword puzzles, you will think of the words that could answer for the puzzles. In the long run, the practice would improve quick thinking. You will start thinking fast and be accurate in results.

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