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Pornography is the depiction of sexual and erotic subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. Pornography can be portrayed in different types of media like video, films, pictures, and magazines. Bringing the concept of magazines to the porn industry was a great step towards revolutionizing porn. Pornographic magazines contain content that is explicit of sexual nature. Unlike films and videos, pornographic magazines can be carried anywhere by the consumer and they don’t need any equipment like video players, etc. to get access to it.

Today we will be talking about one explicit and erotic pornographic magazine popularly known as Penthouse.

Penthouse is a very famous pornographic magazine. It was founded by Bob Guccione in 1965. It is ironic how the magazine was founded in the United Kingdom even though Bob Guccione was an American

Penthouse is a men’s magazine. Guccione, who died in 2010, was considered one of the richest men in the United States. With a reported net worth of $400 million, Guccione was listed in the Forbes 400 ranking of the wealthiest people. A New York Times article published in April of 2002 reported Bob Guccione saying, “Penthouse grossed $3.5 billion to $4 billion over the 30-year life of the company.” But, despite this, the company was facing financial issues. Penthouse also sold its portfolio of many automotive magazine titles for $33 million cash to Petersen Automotive, in 1999.
It was also reported that the science and health magazines Omni and Longevity cost Penthouse almost $100 million, thus contributing to the company’s financial problems.

The Penthouse magazine explicitly combines softcore pornographic pictures and articles on the urban lifestyle. It is known that in the 1990s, softcore pornographic pictorials evolved into hardcore. But, since 2005, the magazine has switched back to its roots of softcore pornography.
Since 2016, Penthouse Global Media Inc. has owned Penthouse magazine.
The logo of Penthouse is quite interesting. It is a stylized key incorporating symbols of both Mars and Venus in the design

One more eye-catching thing about the magazine is that the centerfold models of the famous magazine are known as Penthouse Pets. They are also required to wear a necklace inspired by the logo customarily.

Penthouse magazine began publication as an attempt to compete with Playboy. The content offered in the Penthouse magazine was more sexual and sensational. In some early issues of the magazine, Guccione personally photographed the majority of the models for the magazine. He wasn’t a trained photographer.

It was commonly seen that the content in Penthouse magazine was better than most of the men’s magazines of that era. The penthouse was the first magazine that showed female pubic hair, complete frontal nudity, and exposed vulva and anus. It has also featured authorized and unauthorized pictures of celebrities such as Madonna and Vanessa Williams.

Penthouse magazine was not only praised but also recognized in the academic field for its editorial content.
Bob Guccione was honored by Brandeis University in 1975 for focusing “his editorial attention on such critical issues of our day as the welfare of the Vietnam veteran and problems of criminality in modern society.”
He was also named as the “Publisher of the Year” by Atlantic Coast Independent Distributors Association in April 1978

A film about Bob Guccione’s life known as Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story was made in 2013 by the director Barry Avrich. The producers of the film were Jeremy Frommer and Rick Schwartz. The film premiered worldwide on September 9, 2013, at the Toronto Film Festival.
Other than Penthouse, Guccione also created magazines like the Omni, Viva, and Longevity. The Penthouse Forum was started after these magazines. It featured erotic writings and stories. Penthouse also published Penthouse Comix, which was an adult comic in 1993. Penthouse expanded into a line of four illustrated magazines after the initial success of the Penthouse Comix. This line included Penthouse Men’s Adventure Comix, Omni Comix, Penthouse Max, and Penthouse Comix.

Penthouse magazine has been a source of entertainment for people since 1965. From pictures of beautiful women and hot articles to interviews with Penthouse Pets, articles about sex-themed topics like the BDSM world Penthouse magazine is a complete package.
To be a part of this erotic and exceptional experience, all you need to do is get the Penthouse magazine subscription. Penthouse publishes 6 issues per year. The pocket-friendly price of the Penthouse magazine makes it even more attractive

In addition to this explicit magazine, a consumer can also go for Penthouse Letters Magazine subscription. Each issue of this magazine publishes many letters from readers. In these letters, they reveal their most shocking secrets. Some of the letters also include every steamy detail of their sexual adventures. Penthouse Letters Magazine also publishes 6 issues per year but reserves the right to change the number of issues per year.

If you are looking forward to entering into the world of pornographic magazines to experience the content of explicit sexual nature, getting your Penthouse magazine and Penthouse Letters magazine subscription is a great option to start from.

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