Game Informer Magazine Top 3 Alternative magazines in USA

A gamer always needs a magazine that can keep them updated with the gaming industry. It provides the latest articles about the games, and it is full of interviews with game developers. As a game enthusiast, game magazine is a first preference for gamer because it keeps them updated with the latest world. Game Informer was the leading and most popular game magazine in the industry that keep them updated with the latest trends and its discontinuation makes gamer quite disappointed. There are the top alternative magazine that are available and caters the requirements of gamer. These alternative magazines can match your taste and help you in getting more information about the games.

PC Gamer

PC Gamer Magazine

PC Gamer is a magazine that is related to PC gaming. It was founded in 1993, and its monthly publication has a wide fan base. This is a perfect guide for readers. It provides in-depth reviews of the games. PC Gamer magazine can match your taste, with an emphasis on computer gaming. It covers PC gaming and provides an exceptional gaming experience to its readers. This magazine is available in print editions, and it covers esports news, game reviews, the annual PC gaming show, hardware testing, and so on. It provides transparent reviews.

PC gamers have a remarkable presence in the gaming world. If you are a newcomer or a well-known professional gaming expert, then PC Gamer Magazine is also relevant for you because it can keep you updated with the latest news about the games.

Games Master

Game Master Magazine

Games master is a short-lived magazine. It was first published in 1977. This magazine consists of the latest games, and one among of them is the Star Wars game. This magazine has a special place in the gaming industry. This magazine has maintained its aura, and it has become widely known for its reviews of games, and so on.

Games master Magazine also contains updated information about the games and it has wide publicity due to the engaging content. It is the preferred magazine for readers who want to dive into the gaming world. It addresses the needs of its readers. Games master Magazine is the best that keeps you updated with the latest challenges. It provides a broad overview of gaming. This is the most popular magazine with a wide fan-based magazine. It deals with wide themes including the video game industry, reviews of popular games, and so on.


Edge Magazine

This magazine is published by Future Pic, and it is a multi-format video game magazine. Edge Magazine is a UK-based magazine that publishes 13 issues annually. Edge Magazine is known for its foreign editions in diverse countries. This is top-notch magazine for the readers that is the longest-running magazine in the UK. This magazine ensures transparent reviews and previews of the magazine. It contains interviews with various gaming developers that provide relevant information about the latest games to the readers.

Edge Magazine places emphasis on writing, and it contains video games. This magazine ensures the  in-depth understanding of the gaming industry. Edge Magazine contains editorial-based decisions and has an intellectual approach. Video Game Magazine is the best magazine that contains reviews and information about the latest games. This magazine is the most dynamic form of entertainment for the readers. Edge covers the gaming details in a better manner.

These are the most relevant games that are most advisable for the readers. All three magazines are leading the gaming industry, and they have a wide fan base. It caters to the needs of people and consists of various interviews, reviews, and detailed information about the games. These magazines are the perfect alternative to the game-insight magazine. All three magazines have unique characteristics, and they also enrich their readers with gaming editorials.

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