Jigsaw Puzzles are Good for the Brain

When the going gets tough, it takes reasonably higher mental toughness to fight those emotions. Because regardless of how great the challenge is, your will and thoughts can be greater. The mind has the power to form and solve an issue. Understanding the working of the brain is not easy. Because there is just a fine thread which distinguishes between solving and tangling a problem. And this fine thread makes the ultimate difference between a winner and a loser. The choices we make define our personality. And our mind takes that decision for ourselves. 

There was a time when people believed that only a few people are blessed with sharp minds. Everybody worked on their shape and accepted their intelligence as it is. Nobody thought that mind could be trained too. Now, the tables have turned. People not only work on their physique but also on improving their intellect.


Intellect is the capacity of the brain and intelligence is the quality of the brain. Intellect is the ability to store knowledge. Intelligence is the ability to use that knowledge. Smart people are both intellectual and intelligent.

What does it mean by improving intellect and intelligence? On a normal day, we take regular decisions. But what if, there is a little irregularity. For example, any natural calamity. We all start worrying. This is where training our minds becomes important. Worrying is a state of mind where it starts to under analyze or overanalyze the problem and takes an inappropriate decision. To take the best decision in minimum time can be referred to as the quality of a healthy and sharp mind. We come across many such incidents in our lives where regular thinking doesn’t work. So, it is extremely important to improve our brain capacity and quality.

How to sharpen our brains? There are many ways to sharpen our brains. The world is full of brilliant ideas and ways to improve our intelligence. There is no need to join a course to enhance intelligence. It is simply a waste of money. Because all you need is a jigsaw puzzle.


The jigsaw puzzle toys is an interlocked grid that is divided into many parts. In simple words, it is a picture chopped in pieces.

Being under stress for a long period can lead to serious health problems. Solving jigsaw puzzles requires concentration and reasoning. As we work, we forget about the demands and requirements of the body. Our brain shifts into the alpha state. Jigsaw puzzles stimulate many different parts of the brain, preparing the mind for all manner of mental processes. 

It helps in the following ways:

  • i) Ease stress
  • ii) Improves work performance
  • iii) Supports brain health
  • iv) Increase creativity
  • v) Provide personal time

According to research studies, it has been found that solving jigsaw puzzles is highly significant for mental health. It helps in increasing hand-eye coordination, improves problem-solving ability, and builds visual-perceptual skills.


Jigsaw puzzles improve concentration. There is nothing like finding the right piece to go into the puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles also help in improving the subconscious. Puzzles give your subconscious a chance to work on other things. Jigsaw puzzles are also very inexpensive artwork.


 Puzzles benefit the brain in many ways. Jigsaw puzzle enhances short term memory. Remembering the final picture and the pieces which resembled it helps train the brain. For a learner, it is important to remember the concept and apply it. This quality of the mind helps in remembering the road map. 


Using both sides of the brain simultaneously helps in the transition between alpha and beta state. Beta waves are related to logical thinking, alertness, and anxiety. And alpha waves are produced while daydreaming or during practicing meditation. Jigsaw puzzles help exercise and train both sides of the brain.


Concentrating on an image for a long time is a part of meditation. To be more precise, it is the Tibetan thangka way of meditation and not exactly Buddhist meditation. So, the player gets some benefits of meditation while solving a jigsaw puzzle. It helps in relaxation. It is a fruitful way of spending time. 

Economic and materialistic growth is given much importance. But mental health is overlooked by modern society. In the process of making wealth, people forget about their mental health. A strong mind allows us to overcome the difficulties and help us lead a peaceful life. Living a peaceful life is the ultimate aim of life. We guide and educate people to strengthen their weak minds caused by bullying, divorce, social abuse, domestic issues, drug abuse, etc to enable them to be a part of their society again. The world will become a better place to live only if we train our minds accordingly. For more mind improving knowledge go for mindful magazine subscription

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