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Tattoos are so much more than mere scribbles and doodles on a body; it is a form of self-expression, a large part of so many different cultures across the world; it is art. Getting inked is easy; deciding on a design, not so much. To help you out with your inked adventures, here is a list of the best tattoo magazines you could subscribe to, compiled by keeping in mind  a diverse audience of different age groups and genders, different countries and cultures, to help you out with your ideal arts styles, tattoo shops, and artists:

1.Urban Ink

Urban Ink Magazine Subscription

Urban Ink is your go-to magazine for POC (people of colour) tattoo enthusiasts. Unique in its regular featuring tattooed POCs, an Urban Ink magazine subscription via Maggstore will give you updates about the tattooed lifestyle, the top artists in the business and tattoo parlour reviews, amongst others.

2. Inked

Inked Magazine

Inked updates you about and inspires you with the best tattoo designs based on different art styles. The wide range of talented tattoo artists featured in this magazine is an endless source of inspiration for your ink-loving heart! A Inked magazine subscription via Magsstore will provide you with updates about the best tattoo design and artists along with pictures and videos of your favorite tattooed model and celebrities!


3. Post Modern Ink

Post Modern Ink

An Australian tattoo and art magazine, Post Modern Ink gives you a detailed insight into the art styles and lifestyle of the local culture and more. Subscribe to Post Modern Ink on Magsstore to learn and draw inspiration from the different tattoo and art styles of not only the local culture but also of different cultures from across the globe!

4. Freshly Inked.

Freshly Inked Magazine Subscription

Subscribe to Freshly Inked on Magsstore and get access to a diverse range of artwork across different media. Not only an unending resource of inspiration for tattoo designs, Freshly Inked also gives you an insight into the lives of your favourite tattoo artists and inked celebrities.

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