Top 7 Outdoor Hunting And Fishing Magazine in USA

With the advancement in technology and media, and an increase in fandom culture, it has become easier than ever to get exposed to, and involved with, different outdoor activities; more and more people are becoming interested in outdoor sports. Meeting new people through online forums and magazine subscription communities encourages your interest in exploring the wild more than ever! However, even though you might consider yourself to be an outdoor sports junkie, it is often hard to keep up with the latest news, latest equipments and the best locations for fishing or hunting, especially with the fast lives we lead, with so much to do and so little time. Here is a compiled list of the best sports magazines in the USA to help you keep up-to-date with the best locations in the various parts of USA for fishing and other outdoor sports:

Midwest Outdoors

The Midwest Outdoors caters to a wide range of audience who are fans of the outdoors and wants monthly updates about hunting gears and news, fishing, archery, etc. Subscribers often have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and has even formed life-long friendships and bonds through the site. The Midwest Outdoors is available on their website and its subscription is available worldwide. What’s more, there is even an online forum on the website where you can meet people interested in the same things as you!

Montana Outdoors


Reasonable and affordable, the Montana Outdoors provides you with updates into the outdoors and gaming experience, including travel guides, equipment reviews, etc. Looking for the perfect gaming spot in the state and the best equipments to use? The Montana Outdoors magazine is your perfect source of information for all things outdoors in the state. The issues of Montana Outdoors are available on Magsstore and can be shipped internationally.

Game & Fish Midwest

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The GAME & FISH MIDWEST aims at the outdoor gaming community of GAME & FISH MIDWEST (or the midwest). From vacation spots to other wilderness activities, this magazine is the perfect guide while maneuvering through and experiencing the wilderness of the state of Minnesota.

SaltWater Sportsman

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This magazine caters to your outdoor interests in and around the southern state of Texas, including a wide range of naturalist activities. Subscribing to the Salt Water Sportsman magazine will provide you with an in-depth guide to hunting and fishing in the Texan wilderness, all the while giving you a good idea about the best equipments for your activities.

Florida Sport Fishing

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Florida Sport Fishing focuses on the outdoor experiences you can enjoy in the state of Florida. Whether it’s the best hunting spot or fishing locations, the Florida Sport Fishing is the best companion to your naturalist heart! The Florida Sport Fishing magazine also provides equipment reviews, which gives you information about the latest and best equipments present in the market. The Florida Sport Fishing magazine subscription details are available on their official website and the subscription can be availed worldwide.

Florida Sportsman

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Be it saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, or any other popular outdoor activities like hunting and boating in the state of Florida, the Florida Sportsman has it all! This magazine caters to a wide range of outdoor activities and is the ideal companion for you while maneuvering the wilderness of the state of Florida.

Southwest Fly Fishing

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Your go-to hunting and fishing resource in the state of Southwest, the Southwest fly fishing magazine subscription guides you through the best tips about equipments and locations throughout your outdoor experiences in the state. Subscribing to the Southwest fly fishing magazine will give you an idea about the latest updates in locations and tools used in your outdoor activities. You can subscribe to this magazine on Magsstore and it can be shipped internationally.

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