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Many of the students of political science lose interest in the topics they studied in University once they graduate. It is very easy for the students to lose touch with what is going on in the world with new jobs and worrying about your career that takes your focus. For the job interviews even, being aware of the major political events can be very important. You can also analyze current events and provide good ideas for why conflict arises and subsides by going through the foreign policy magazines.By knowing what goes on in the world is of the utmost importance if you plan on working in international relations.
There are a handful of notable publications that can be followed for those who are looking to stay updated on the foreign policies.You may have come across a few of them already during a political science degree as it is common to go through the articles of these journals that are listed as mandatory reading in the university courses. Others have a lot more of an activist approach focused more on world inequalities and human rights, while some are popular news and academic

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Magazine Subscription

One of the most critical magazines about foreign policy and international affairs is Foreign Affairs. The readership includes many policy and decision-makers as it is one of the very popular magazines in Washington DC.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy Magazine Subscription

You may find many in-depth articles and analysis there as the Foreign policy magazine covers all the global news. For people working in international relations, it is usually paired with the foreign affairs as two essential reads

The Diplomatie


Diplomatie Magazine Subscription

This is the publication just right for you if your focus is the Asia-Pacific region. They cover a lot of topics and events mainstream American outlets do not write about as the articles all examine Asia or Oceania.

The Economist

The Economist

The Economist Magazine Subscription

The Economist does not focus on economic affairs despite its name. Although it is usually accused of being a vessel of neoliberalism, it is one of the best publications to be informed about the world.

The Atlantic
This has featured many important interviews with world leaders as it is an old American magazine with its Global section. On a global level, it also offers foreign policy analysis and news coverage. You will find a lot of diversity in terms of analysis and positions as The Atlantic has conservative and liberal opinion-makers and journalists.

World Policy Journal
The World Policy Journal is probably the best option for you if you are looking for fresh ideas about policy-making on the global level.

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