Top 4 Magazines For Health Watch After 50

Harvard Health Letter

Harvard Heart Letter

Harvard Heart Letter Magazine Subscription

In the pages of the Harvard Health Letter, the doctors at Harvard Medical School answer questions related to health and fitness each month. The Harvard Health Letter is easy-to-read, simple, and succinct, and is like a monthly chat with your favourite doctor.From reputable medical institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University, a variety of consumer health newsletters are available. The newsletters give readers access to and are remarkably affordable to some of the best medical minds in the world. But among the hundreds of health-oriented websites attracting much of the hype these days, they are frequently ignored.
These magazines fill a knowledge void that cannot be bridged by even the immense resources of the Internet. In a short, easy-to-read and portable format, they offer a steady stream of accurate, realistic health information. Professors, scholars and other experts vet academic magazines for accuracy and do not allow ads.

Healthnews Magazine


HealthNews Magazine Subscription

George Washington University Hospital’s Health News is a publication intended to bring you the latest information and fitness & wellbeing information that you can access all through the year.You will learn how to get the best out of life and your body from a natural health magazine like Healthnews. The tips for dieting are realistic and can fit any and most kinds of people. They come from the natural way of promoting wellbeing and involve you to put some work into it.Healthnews Magazine also help you find the best preparation there is for natural health. You can find information about how your body will function best to improve and tone your muscle mass. It also includes interviews with celebrities, news and services for people of all ages with a mental or physical disability relating to assistive technology, the ADA, personal empowerment and jobs

Healthy Year Magazine

Healthy Years

Healthy Years Magazine Subscription

Healthy Years is a health journal distributed by the Division of Geriatrics of the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. It provides insightful posts, information about diet, and other essential health-related material intended to help adults over 65 live happier and healthy lives.Healthy Years is built for men and women over 65 who are looking to support their wellbeing. This magazine works to help readers live healthy and active lives, from insightful articles on exercise and nutrition, to the latest fitness news.
Every issue is packed with well-researched and insightful posts, written by some of the brightest minds in the health and wellness industry, published by the UCLA David Geffen School of Geriatrics. Each issue includes a “Health News” feature that informs readers about the latest trends in health studies and research, as well as suggestions for improving overall health.Healthy Years provides ideas that are easy to incorporate into daily life, from diet tips to exercise routines. The section “Mind and Memory” provides suggestions to keep the mind active and to enhance memory, while the section “Nutrition” presents ideas for integrating nutritious foods into meals

Johns Hopkins Health after 50

Johns Hopkins Health After 50

Johns Hopkins Health After 50 Magazine Subscription

The editors of The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 present this important medical guide covering more than 100 of the most prevalent aging-related ailments. The succinct language and simple presentation, arranged from A to Z by ailment, make it easy to use. Each illness is covered in depth and provides information about your doctor’s symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and more. The 100 full-color illustrations and 20-page body atlas of the book literally direct the reader through the main structures and organs of the body.
The data is succinct, quick to find, and easy to understand. It gives you an excellent point from which to start if you decide to further examine a health issue. It also helps you to prepare for visits from my physicians by understanding what to ask.

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