Difference between original and duplicate spare parts

When the vehicle gets manufactured all the spare parts attached are new with the logo of its production house.
However, this does not mean those products are being manufactured by the automakers, and most of the time, these parts are produced by other manufacturers with the company logo on it who act as a binding agent between the vehicle and its manufacture. These spare parts may give you a feeling of paying little less but it is the logo (the brand) which makes you pay a higher price.

n To have a good quality part for vehicle consumer intend to pay a higher price. And, the consumer will pay it because of the brand value attached to it. These parts are meant especially for your vehicle and have been tested by the experts before using them in the vehicle.
But, have you ever noticed that the spare part attached to the brand could be a fake product. A product that only gives the equipment of being recognized under the brand name and not because of its functionality or top-notch mechanism. This is where the duplicate spare part comes into the picture.

There are not many people who could make out the difference between the original and duplicate spare parts. So people end up buying sometimes, a non-genuine part from the dealer without the actuality of the product.

The best part about actual spare parts is that they come with a warranty and gives you mental peace of assurance from the company that in future if you face any issue with the product the company shall remain liable and would help you sort the issue. Whereas, if you caught yourself stuck with the duplicate parts, there shall be not a single organization that would take up the responsibility for the issues faced to end user.

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In the automobile industry, genuine products and fake brands are getting filtered into the market. However, before any of the customers fools himself down, he can stop this nuisance from producing dent on your reputation through a series of techniques. Buying a genuine product from a recognized dealer could give you a sense of satisfaction as the brand value is precious and it drives you forward towards a new customer base, you should always try to protect your vehicle from such hands who are involved in counterfeit practices.

There is a special thing about genuine products that they are stocked into different style of packing which keeps them rust free and protects from wear and tear. To confirm its authenticity, always look for the recognized brand attached to it and the specification mentioned on the packaging with manufacturing date / price tag. Also, look for things like a hologram on the packaging that will be across the seal. It should be sealed in either cardboard, plastic or polythene, as suggested by motor magazine.

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There have been instances when the truck drivers have found themselves caught in a situation of such forged cases. As it has been seen that truck is that type of vehicle which has run across hundreds of kilometers carry heavy load upon themselves, in such cases break down of its mechanism is a recurring issue. They intend to buy or the get damaged product replaced at the earliest so that the work doesn’t hamper. But, this where they forget to differentiate between a genuine product and a duplicate one. The truck spare parts are heavy and costly and in cases where the drivers invest and still get fake equipment is a concern related to serious loss. In such cases, neither the company assists the vehicle owner while it breaks down nor the owner can help himself.

It is better to keep an eye open and stay aware as to what is going on in the market to protect yourself, your vehicle and your money!

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