What makes The Economist the widely read news magazine?

the economist magazine subscriptionThe Economist is undoubtedly the leader in magazine journalism and there are facts and figures to prove that this magazine created history in journalism. It can be said the journalism of courage.

Let’s quickly go through the circulation figureof The Economist

  • Publication started in 1843 with zero circulation
  • In 1877 – the circulation was 3,700 copies
  • In 1920 – it was 6,000 copies
  • In 1945 – it took a big leap towards five-digit
  • In 1970 – the publication reported 100,000 copies sold

Figures provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)

  • In 1960 – 30,000 copies
  • In 2000 – 1 million copies
  • In 2016 – 1.3 million copies

# The US accounts for 54% of the total sale of copies
# The UK consumes 14% of the total number of issues
# Continental Europe buys 19% of the total number of copies

The Economist is sold in over 200 countries through subscription and newsagents. The publication claims that two out of three American readers earn more than $100,000 annually.

The reach and readership of The Economist can be determined by the facts and figures collected from reliable sources including the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). And its subscription and news-stand sale is increasing week-by-week. It enjoys the support of avid readers that appreciate quality and value hard work.

Know The Economist

This magazine supports economic liberalism – free trade, globalization, free immigration and cultural liberalism. And it targets the educated citizens of the world. The Economist has its readers in universities, research centers, political parties, think-tanks, social groups, cultural organizations and libraries and study groups. Retired professionals andstudents and even housewives find The Economist interesting. And it supplies enough material to read for a week.

It is needless to say that the readers wait for The Economist to arrive in news-stands. The magazine comes on news-stands every Thursday 2100 hours UK time. It is a day ahead of the regular time. And a good number of readers buy their copies from newsagents. But regular readers prefer subscribing the magazine instead of waiting for its arrival on news-stands. Subscribing The Economist is the best way to get your copy on time.

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So, what makes people buy The Economist?
A quick look at The Economist website is sufficient to understand why readers of all classes read this magazine. It has different sections to cater to the individual needs and taste. For example, Asia, China, Middle East and Africa and Europe and Britain sections focus on the different parts of the world. Similarly, it has special reports by its senior correspondents and topics for online debates to keep readers engaged.

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The most important thing that keeps The Economist at the forefront of magazine journalism is its editorial policy that supports classical and economic liberalism for all. Also, it raises social issues like same-sex marriage. The Economist has created milestones for others to pass with its strict editorial guidelines and careful reporting of events.

Here’s what The Economist readers have to say about its content

# It makes an interesting read. The selection of topics, details provided and the error-free writing makes reading articles and reviews a breeze. Also, it keeps the language simple to comprehend and easy to understand.

# It generates interest in developments of the world; it draws attention to the important developments and helps in making an opinion on world society and polity.

# It stands for economic development for all and people appreciate the way it raises their concerns. It stands for a free society where everyone has equal opportunities for growth.

# It is a complete news magazine with sections for everything that is in anyway related to the society.

# It boosts knowledge; builds vocabulary and strengthens the English language of the readers through its error-free writing.

# Students can learn different writing skills from the news pieces, articles, blogs and special reports of The Economist.

The Economist magazine has covered a long way from one country and zero sales to 200 countries and millions of copies. And its journey is continuing with every issue coming to news-stands ahead of time. While most readers buy their copies from newsagents but the subscription is always the best way to get your copy. You should subscribe to The Economist instead of buying individual copies.

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