The 50 Most Popular Magazines in the US

Do you intend to occupy yourself with the recreation of some noteworthy reading habits? Well, if reading is like a second nature to you, there should be precision and purpose in what you should read. To make things count , we are attempting to get you a valuable list of 50 most popular magazines which are published in the US.

In terms of circulation and subscription, these magazines are all heavy contenders in their own respective niches. Let us find some fun filled as well as in-depth details on these publications.

Reader's Digest Magazine

Reader’s Digest Magazine

Reader’s Digest is an amazing abode of an exciting range of creative efforts. The magazine is known to be one of the most circulated magazines in the whole world. It is one place where you can reap in invigorating concepts on different aspects which touch your life on a daily basis. There is an assortment of jokes, motivating stories as well as pieces of wholesome advice on health care and other contexts. Having a subscription of the Reader’s Digest is a worthy choice.

AARP Bulletin Magazine

The fame as well as flourish of AARP Bulletin, as a celebrated magazine, is seemingly unstoppable. The magazine happens to bring in news stories which are inscrutable components for your daily life. You can get a good view of aspects related to social security, health, politics as well as other contexts. You can subscribe the magazine at ease. For a convenient reading experience, you are solicited to download the app in the first place.

US Weekly Magazine

As a magazine, it brings you a healthy dose of news items and stories that you can relate easily with. While gliding through the texts, you can also give a quick glance at celebrity pictures, exclusive range of videos etc. It’s a great option if you are thinking of a subscription.

People Magazine

People Magazine is known to be a weekly magazine in the US. The magazine boasts of human stories which let you dig inside the human psyche. Besides, you can also fathom out celebrity news. The brand entity of Dotdash Meredith is behind the publishing of this distinguished magazine.

Good Housekeeping magazine

Good Housekeeping prevails as a superior publication which chiefly empowers you with a regiment of house cleaning tips, home ideas, integrity in decoration, removal of waste materials, and stubs on hazard prevention. If you love your house and want to see it neat and tidy, then there is a lot that you can learn from this magazine.

Game Informer

Game Informer has garnered sufficient editions which ooze the principles and norms of this magazine. By having a subscription of this magazine you will get to interpret as well distinguish the vibes which are actually the driving factors behind the rise of video games industry. The magazine will gift you endless series of articles, reviews, news as well as gaming strategies.

Southern Living

Southern Living magazine is a perfect repository of DIY initiatives which you can exert in your house. The magazine will also let you come in terms with home decor, entertainment ideas and recipes. You can also grab highlights of fascinating landscapes, people as well as delicacies.

Cosmopolitan magazine

There is no way that you can miss out on the enigma of Cosmopolitan magazine. It jas gained a proportion of fame by catering news of celebrity lifestyles, sex tips, amorous gossips as well as tutorials. It also features news on fashion trends.

Consumer Reports

In the previous years, Consumer Reports had been called Consumers Union. It is the best place where you can grab some countable ratings as well as reviews on the product ranges which you intend to purchase as well as use in life. It is a great way to discern consumer advocacy.

Real Simple

Do you have a fetish for DIY crafts? If you happen to have, you should be having access to the Real Simple magazine. You bet that you will be having countable pieces of advice on beauty, home decor as well as different culinary skills. The magazine will let you know about organizing skills as well.


Outside happens to be one of the most liked adventure magazines published in the US. It is quite popular and you are going to get an admixture of articles on the environment, fitness tips, sports, outdoor travels, culture as well as personalities. It is a good pick as a regular magazine for subscription.

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine is not merely a published journal. It happens to be a true world leader in the category of popular magazines which you adore intensely. It is widely read in various parts of the world. Reading this magazine is a fascinating act in itself.

Women’s Day

It is a highly popular magazine on women in the USA. As a modern day woman, you will come across veritable and valuable information about physical attraction, nutrition tips, delicacies, fitness topics, homemaking etc.

Sports Illustrated

Those who are sports buff, would reckon with the appellation of Sports Illustrated magazine at ease. It is a great store house on relatively recent news on sports events and activities. It is famed in various circles of the American societies.

Food Network magazine

The magazine shows great promise for those who happen to take satisfaction in different variations of delicacies. The issues will get you ideas on food stuff that you can cook in your next outing or vacation.

The American Legion Magazine

The American Legion Magazine is a pristine and informative a storehouse of interviews as well as features. Through these stories, you will get a peep into the lives wartime veterans. In nature, it is incompatible because it seeks to spread the feeling of patriotism in the country.

Taste of Home

Taste of Home is one of the most popular magazines published in the US. If you are really curious about facts related to nutrition as well as diet, this is what you should subscribe for sure. You will grab insights into kitchen designs, home cooking as well as other ancillary aspects.

American Rifleman Magazine

American Rifleman Magazine takes a lofty stand among all the popular magazines published in the US. The magazine is an authentic repository of firearm authorities. You will get here video, news posts, breakthrough news stories etc. So, the subscription is a worthwhile one for you.

InStyle Magazine

The craze and frenzy about InStyle Magazine is quite apparent among various American demographics. The magazine has come a long way since it was brought out first in 1994. Now, it is classified as a digital only publication.

Golf Digest

Those of you who are really passionate about the game of golf, should be equally curious about Golf Digest. The magazine will bring to you exactly what you need to know about the game of golf.

Texas co-op Power

It is a highly celebrated magazine in the US. The magazine is one of a kind. When you go for a description, you should know that you are about to make a very informed and proper decision.

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is a well-known name all over the world. The prominent features of this magazine makes it a top priority for all those who relish the activity of reading to a great extent. The Smithsonian Institution of Washington happens to be behind the publication of this magazine.

Time Magazine

The appellation or famed name of Time Magazine is probably something that does not need any particular introduction, no matter which part of the world you tend to utter it or refer to it.

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is a top choice for those who would like to unwind their souls with the latest news on music, movies as well as the television industry. The magazine will also cover books, theaters as well as cultural aspects.

Men’s Health Magazine

The reputation of Men’s Health Magazine precedes itself. It has a stature among the all time popular magazines in the US which it can boast of. If you care for your health, you should think about the subscription of this magazine.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit has an outstanding as well as an enviable reputation among all the food enthusiasts. The publication is replete with cooking tips as well as delectable recipes. You will surely love to have the ideas of ingredients which you continuously get out of the magazine.


Are you looking to grab all the info on the most popular HGTV stars? If yes, HGTV magazine will be a miraculous addition in your collectibles. Besides, you also pounce on real estate ideas and design solutions.

Women’s Health

If you are a modern day woman who is wary of her feminine charm as well as elegant essence, Women’s Health is something that should not skip your utmost priority list. Go, get a a subscription today.

Health Magazine

Those happen to value the essence of fitness in life, should not stay aloof to Health Magazine. It is going to act like the big ticket to a fit as well as functional lifestyle. The magazine happens to be almost like a household name in the US.

The New Yorker magazine

As a weekly publication, The New Yorker magazine creates a great deal of a stir in various social circles of the US. The image of this magazine is pristine. It showcases a sturdy storehouse of stories, essays, poetry, cartoon, satire, commentary and many other attributes.

Vanity Fair

The popularity of Vanity Fair is immense and incomparable. It prevails as a steady stream of news from Hollywood as well as American world of politics. You have to enamored of the gripping narratives that you will find here.

Country Living

American lifestyle would be incomplete without the citation to Country Living. It is a US based magazine. It can serve as a readymade guide for home decoration, renovation and a healthy lifestyle.

Allure magazine

If there is one magazine which you should definitely want to subscribe for an uninterrupted provision of beauty tips and care of your personal health, then it has to be the Allure magazine. It can be your dedicated resource for personal care.

Golf Magazine

For all the golfers put there in the land of US, the charm of Golf Magazine is irresistible. It is a particular type of a magazine which will bring you the who’s who of this amazing game. You should subscribe this one for sure.

Family Handyman

The Family Handyman has its unbeaten reputation as a streamlined resource for the most invigorating DIY ideas. Subscribe it and discover all the smart technology. So, go for it to unfold a series of DIY projects.

The Vogue Magazine

As a magazine based out of the soil of the US, The Vogue Magazine tends to provide immense information on lifestyle as well as fashion. It is the most trusted companion for women who choose to remain trendy and in demand.

TV Guide

If you happen to be a television buff, TV Guide will appease your senses. You will be able to pounce on the most interesting pieces of news related to show biz as well as the inner world of television.


Guideposts magazine is a spiritual magazine in the US. It comes from the house of Guideposts, which is known to be a non-profit organisation. It does spread inspiration about physical as well as mental wellness of the human beings.

The Car and Driver Magazine

The Car and Driver Magazine is pretty much of a gift for those who are in the habit of driving cars and love the tricks of the trade. If you too are one of them, you can surely look for this one. Go, get a subscription.


If you are in the habit of reading, you can not merely escape the charm of Essence. As a US based publication, it’s quite popular and has a huge inventory of subscribers which it can truly boast of.

Man’s Journal

If you think you are an enlightened soul and a man of this era, this publication is just meant for you. Man’s Journal has torrential benefits hidden inside. You can get a subscription and unravel what you are going to realise.

Popular magazine

Popular magazine is undeniably me of the most versatile as well as popular magazines which stand the ground with panache in the US. Apart from the curb appeal, you have got o lot to learn from this one.

Elle Magazine

When it comes to fashion magazines, the title of Elle Magazine absolutely stands undisputed. The chief objective of the magazine is to cater to the diversifying needs of women of this eta. Young women feel a specific attraction towards this publication.

Birds and Blooms Magazine

If you have a specific angle in your heart for the flora and fauna of nature, then the mystic aura of the Birds and Blooms Magazine is something which you can not evade at all. Get a subscription and understand nature, birds and flowers in a more detailed fashion.

Food and wine

If you happen to have the soul lf a food loving person, you should not be missing out on the essence of Food and wine magazine. They are definite reasons for its being touted as a unique one among the most popular US magazines.

Travel + Leisure

It is evidently a collector’s item in your arsenal. Once you have it, you can flaunt it with a sense of pride. Travel + Leisure will be a possession for life.

GQ Magazine

The image as well as reputation of GQ Magazine is unquestionable. The American audience or readership does have a place in the heart for the unprecedented publication. You can definitely go for the subscription.


If you have a nose for the latest buzz about the incidents and achievements taking place in the world of technology, then Wired is designed and meant for you. Subscribe it. Grab the big stories.

First Magazine

First Magazine has its resplendent aura and enigma in the fringe of magazines published in the territory of the US. The popularity of this magazine is an aspect that tends to captivate human minds. While you are subscribing this awe inspiring magazine, you can be sure that you are making a pretty good choice. Check out the current issues and appreciate the mirth imbibed in the publication.

Hope you enjoyed gliding through the descriptive anecdotes of the most popular magazines in the US. If you feel that there are some more worthy mentions in this group, then please share your thoughts with us. For more enlightenment on the industry related topics and updates, please keep reading our blog posts periodically. Have a great time ahead.

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