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Magsstore is one of the most reputed and fastest growing online magazine store in USA.

It is a one stop solution for all the publishers and buyers. The most unique feature of our website is that we have a revenue share business model for publishers. Magsstore has its presence all over the word and therefore, publishers can sell both print and digital magazines online without any extra charges.

At Magsstore we have more than 250 publishers who publish their content for purchase online and hence, we have more than 2000 magazines from which a customer can choose.

One can choose from more than 25 categories of Magazines to buy online. These categories are explained below:

  1. Animals & Pets
    Whether you are kid or an adult, everyone loves animals and loves to read about them. In this category, you will find all the magazines that explain how to take care of your pet, how to bond with them and all the other information related to them.
  2. Art & Photography
    Art and Photography Magazines are special for those who have keen interest in these fields. You will find all the latest editions of Art and Photography Magazines on our website.
  3. Automotive
    Fast cars and flashy motorbikes, find all the important information about them in the Automotive Magazines and choose from the biggest collection ever.
  4. Business & Finance
    Want to get all the latest news on business and finance and stay ahead of all other people, then browse this section and enjoy.
  5. Celebrity
    Want to know what is happening in the life of your favorite celebrity or read their interview, browse celebrity section and make your day.
  6. Children
    Children loves to read and hear stories. So, get them their favorite magazines or read stories for them from our children’s magazine collection.
  7. Collectibles
    Add your favorite magazine to your collection by browsing through a huge collection of print and digital magazines.
  8. Comics & Puzzles
    Comics are children’s favorite time pass and solving puzzles help in sharpening the brain. So, enjoy your favorite comic book and get in only on magsstore.
  9. Computer & Electronics
    You can also buy subscriptions for magazines containing information about Computer and Electronics on our website at great rates.
  10. Digital Magazines
    With latest developments in technology, more and more people prefer Digital magazines that they can read anywhere and at any time they want. We at magsstore have one of the largest collection of digital magazines.
  11. Entertainment & Music
    The life of a person is incomplete without Entertainment and Music. So read and enjoy these magazines only at our website.
  12. Ethnic
    The ethnic lifestyle and living is found interesting by many people. So, one can also browse Ethnic magazines on our website.
  13. Family & Parenting
    Get all the information and help you need to take better care of your family and children by reading Family and Parenting magazines.
  14. Fashion & Beauty
    Know how to get beautiful looks and all about fashion trends only in this section.
  15. Food & Beverages
    Food and Beverages magazines are most desired by food lovers who love to eat or make good food and drinks.
  16. Guns & Weapons
    Love to know all about arms and ammunitions, then Guns and Weapons magazines section is for you.
  17. Health & Fitness
    Are you a health conscious person? Read Health and Fitness Magazines to maintain and get good health for you and your family.
  18. Hobbies & Crafts
    Enhance your hobbies and make beautiful masterpiece by browsing Hobbies and Crafts section.
  19. Home & Garden
    Decorate your home and grow beautiful flowers in your garden. Learn all the techniques of gardening and home decorations by browsing Home and Garden magazines at magsstore.
  20. Hunting & Fishing
    Gear up for your next hunting or fishing trip by reading these magazines. Enjoy and add one more magazine to your collection.
  21. International
    Stay updated with all the latest happenings in the world with our International magazines.
  22. Journals
    Prefer reading information that is supported by researches and facts. Browse Journals and enhance your knowledge.
  23. Lifestyle & Culture
    Make your life simple and interesting by following lifestyle section. Also, learn about different cultures all over the world by reading magazines based on culture.
  24. Local & Regional
    Local and Regional magazines section of magsstore is really a boon for people who want to know a particular place or region better.
  25. Men’s Interest
    Only interested in reading stuff about men, then Men’s Interest magazine is best choice for you.
  26. News & Politics
    Add more interesting information to your discussion about politics by browsing news and politics magazines on magsstore.
  27. Outdoor
    If you are an outdoor person and love being out for most of the time, then outdoor magazines is the best choice for you.
  28. Photography & Video
    Video and Photography Magazines are special for those who have keen interest in these fields. You will find all the latest editions of Video and Photography on magsstore.
  29. Reading & Enrichment
    Enrich your knowledge and give into reading habit by visiting this section of magazines on our website.
  30. Religion & Spirituality
    Follow your religion and beliefs and also increase your awareness regarding the other religions by reading Religion & Spirituality magazines.
  31. Science & Nature
    Science and nature magazines give information about all the facts related to this field and also what are the latest developments.
  32. Sports & Recreation
    Know about your favorite sports and sportsperson in the Sports and Recreation magazines.
  33. Teen
    In the teen section, find out in detail about the general problem faced by the teens and how to solve them.
  34. Weddings & Bridal
    Prepare yourself better for wedding season this year by browsing through this section on magsstore.
  35. Women’s Interest
    Women’s Interest magazines has all the information on the issues related to women making them favorite of almost every lady. On magsstore find all the latest magazines at great prices as we believe in building long-term relationship with our customers.

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