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Publisher Partnership

The Magsstore revenue model is simple. Publishers can start selling their magazines through us as Magsstore brings you a world of brand new readers without charging a penny for marketing. We offer:

  • Zero upfront fee
  • No marketing cost 
  • Low cost revenue share model
  • One place for all products - Single issue, Print & Digital subscriptions
  • Access to daily MIS on sales generated, activities conducted for marketing etc.

Magsstore's self-service publisher account makes easy for publishers to upload, add additional discount, offers and remove their titles on our site. It is completely a win-win model for all publishers. 

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Apart from traditional online traffic generation tools like SEO and SEM, we have a powerful emailing platform with a huge capacity for email marketing solution. We consistently work on promoting sales through corporate partnerships, institutional sales (colleges, schools and libraries), affiliate programs, sales drives, coupon sites, bulk sales, etc. We have a strong and experienced team to process renewals for all the titles that we have sold. We also engage in multi-publisher bundling of mutually non-competing titles to offer a great value to the customer. 

Magsstore.com is the perfect destination for providing a fillip to your magazine subscription business. We are keen and would be very happy to include your set of magazines and publications in our Magazine Subscription Sales Portal. Please write to us at info@magsstore.com or fill the form and start selling your titles on magsstore.com in less than 2 days.