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Adult & Porn magazine subscriptions - Adult Magazines | Get best price discount codes on adult magazines only at Magsstore. Subscribe to the wide range of top adult magazines for 18+ entertainment with up to 80% discount online. Each issue of most popular adult magazines will fit your preference. Magsstore is the best online source for Individual or Combo adult magazine subscriptions. We have a great collections of adult magazines and provide free delivery on all magazines with no additional taxes. Subscribe or renew now to discount magazine subscriptions!

Barely Legal & Penthouse Combo Magazine

19 issues   |   $62.95
You Save 74%

Barely Legal & Penthouse Letters Combo Magazine

19 issues   |   $62.95
You Save 74%

Hustler Magazine

13 issues   |   $39.95
You Save 69%

Hustler & Barely Legal Combo Magazine

20 issues   |   $79.95
You Save 74%

Hustler & Penthouse Bundle Magazine

19 issues   |   $62.95
You Save 74%

Hustler & Penthouse Letters Bundle Magazine

19 issues   |   $62.95
You Save 74%

Hustler's Barely Legal Magazine

13 issues   |   $39.95
You Save 69%

Maxim Magazine

6 issues   |   $25.00
You Save 53%

Penthouse Magazine

6 issues   |   $24.95

Penthouse & Penthouse Letters Bundle Magazine

12 issues   |   $44.95
You Save 75%

Penthouse Letters Magazine

6 issues   |   $24.95
You Save 73%

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Magazine Subscriptions

1.) Where to buy adult Magazines?
While selecting the best adult magazines in your category, everyone has a question in mind where to buy them. But, now your search is over at Magsstore. We are the best place to buy adult magazines. You not only find the huge discounts on adult magazines, but you will also get free delivery to your doorstep, plus there is no tax charged.

2.) Do we get any discounts on adult Magazine subscriptions?
Yes, we offer you up to 70% discount on annual subscriptions and plus you can get additional off through our different promo/coupon codes run at different occasions. It is completely saving buying an annual subscription for adult magazines at Magsstore. You receive up to 70% discount + Free Shipping + No Tax + No additional charges!

3.) Which are the most popular adult Magazines?
Magsstore has the best adult magazines of the country available. You can browse the list of available top adult magazines below: Hustler: Hustler subscription explicit erotic nudity, and their high-quality, steamy photo spreads feature America's sexiest women, along with political and current-events, satire and social commentary Barely Legal: features new girls in erotic positions, explicit stories, reviews of adult movies, and information about the models featured in that issues. Penthouse: Penthouse magazine publishes 6 issues every year and it is known for hot and sexual adventures on paper. Penthouse Letters: Enjoy the Penthouse readers letter real life experience with most erotic and hottest pics. Maxim: Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, offers readers a cutting edge and humorous dose of what they want most in life: beautiful women, cars, gadgets, sports, entertainment, and the know-how to get ahead in the world.

4.) When will I receive my first Issue of Adult Magazines?
Adult magazines are expected to arrive in approximately 6-8 weeks since subscription starts with the latest release. Your order is processed by magsstore.com within 24 hrs of receipt of the order and the money and all order details are shared with the respective publisher. The publishing company will then process your order, and fulfill the dispatch of each issue.

5.) Are these men adult magazines or for women too?
Adult magazines are for both men and for women too.

6.) Is there any further discount on porn magazines?
At Magsstore, you receive up to 70% discount on the cover price + Free Shipping + No Tax + No additional charges! In addition to this, you can get 5% additional discount on subscription price by applying coupon code WEB5 at checkout.

7.) Is there any combo available for adult magazines?
Yes, at Magsstore, you will find the combos of adult magazines and get further savings on their annual subscriptions. It gives double benefit and you can get two subscriptions almost at the price of one! Magsstore is the best place to buy cheap adult magazine subscriptions online.

8.) Is there any adult magazines collection?
Magsstore provides cheap adult annual subscriptions, and there is no any adult magazines collection available for past issues. However, we are creating a space for this and will update on our site when it is available.

9.) How do I change my address for Adult Magazines?
To change your address, please write to us on customerservice@magsstore.com – please mention your magazine subscription order number, full name and new delivery address to get it updated quickly.

10.) How can I renew my subscription to Adult Magazine through magsstore.com?
Yes, you can renew your subscription to Adult magazine online at magsstore.com. Click on Renew Subscription option at right hand side top of the website, select your magazine and terms you want to subscribe to, place the order and it will be automatically added to your existing subscription.

11.) How do I know if my subscription order for Adult Magazine has been placed?
You receive an email from magsstore.com confirming your Adult magazine order details on the same day as you have placed the order. We recommend subscribers to create an account with us so you can check the status of subscription online with expiry and renew details.

12.) How can I gift an adult Magazine subscription to someone?
Absolutely! All you have to do is specify the address of the person in the shipping details during the checkout process. We will send an electronic gift card on your behalf to this person letting him/her know about adult magazine subscriptions. Alternatively, you could also buy a voucher on the site and we will email it to the person on your behalf. They could then choose the magazine title they wish to subscribe to.

13.) How can I cancel my adult Magazine subscription?
Yes you can. You can cancel your Adult magazine subscription anytime but we refund the entire amount if the order is cancelled within 7 days of the order date. Please write to us on customerservice@magsstore.com – please mention your order number, full name and delivery address to help us to get your order cancelled. It normally takes 3-4 days. There is no refund provided if order is cancelled after 7 days of the order placed date. Gifts/Gift cards and international magazines orders are non-refundable.

14.) Why did I receive a renewal notice in the mail, though I renewed my Adult Magazine subscription already?
You can receive the renewal notices from the publisher 8 weeks or 16 weeks before your magazine subscription expires as they are sent automatically. But, you can ignore them if already renewed your subscription to an adult magazine.

15.) How can I place a bulk order on magsstore.com?
Yes, you can place a bulk order on the site. However, we suggest you contact us with your request and we will work out a solution that works as per your requirements and will be a better offer for you.

16.) I entered my payment details and place an order for Adult Magazine – and all I got was a blank screen! I got charged but don’t have the order details. What now?
We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. You will receive an email from us on the same day as you placed the order and your subscription to adult magazine will be processed. We suggest you do not try booking again as you may end up getting charged twice. You can also write to us on customerservice@magsstore.com.

17.) How Can I Write a review for Adult Magazine?
It’s easy! Please go to the reviews tab of an adult magazine and you can submit your review there using your name and email.