Privacy Policy

Magsstore considers the security of your personal information on top priority. The use of this information is strictly for the use of conducting the transaction or for marketing purposes. 

During purchase or transactions, Magsstore may ask you to fill the form regarding information to complete the process.

This information will be stored in your account until you seek our support to remove it.

Magsstore holds the right to store information regarding your usage of the service and may share these with third parties including publishers.

Your user account will be guarded by a password created by you.

The financial data or billing information is treated with ultimate concern and security. We protect your personal information by security safeguards norms.

Magsstore is not litigation responsible if the content provided by our service has content or web links that lead to illegal or adult oriented information, as we do not control or monitor the content or the privacy practices of magazines and other websites.

Magsstore may implant cookies and other tracking software on your system to track your website navigation and they can use this information to interact with you to conduct a web chat or track your movement within the site.

In case, you have any query regarding your privacy or to report any issue related to your privacy you can write to info@magsstore.com.

The Compliance and Legal Officer