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We at magsstore making life less boring by crafting a new evolution of e-commerce. We are changing the way publishers and customers connect with each other worldwide, and the change has started. We are hiring!

As we continue to grow in scale, height and sophistication, the need for great people increases even more. From our technology to our merchant and subscribers interactions to our customer care team and all other functions, our success is predicated on what each of us does, how we do it and our belief that we could always do better. We at Magsstore provide the open atmosphere to employees to show their caliber and talent to grow to next level. We provide the opportunities and training at all level to groom our employees as we believe the more we invest in people, the better we get in return.

We are looking for passionate people who wants to be a part of our team. So, what are you waiting for, please send your resume to us filling your details in the Submit your resume area.

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