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Magsstore is among the fastest growing complete newsstand platform for publishers and buyers. Magsstore is a unique platform which caters to a wide variety of magazines, convenient shopping and exploring facilities and friendly support solutions.


Why Advertise with us?

We understand your advertising requirements for various goals. Whether it is brand building, promoting the products, new product launch, sales growth or event marketing, we work with you in creating the right package for all of your adverting needs. You will reach a large audience through our website across the world 24 X 7 and meet your purposes easily. Moreover, our systems will track the click through rates metrics and guide you in achieving your goals.


Where Can I Advertise?
Home Page, Product Category Home Pages, Product Detail Pages and in any of our partner (publisher) magazine


What Advertising Formats are supported?
HTML, Image, Text, PDF (for magazines)

No need to worry about ad design, we have a very dedicated design team which will design the ad for you at a very economical price for all platforms- say as low as only $10/ad.

For rates and more information please get in touch with us.

Contact Information
Email :   info@magsstore.com