Science News- The best science magazine for students?

Read Science News (SN) for latest science news. It is a very popular bi-weekly magazine for kids, adults and everyone interested in day-to-day science. It writes interesting stories on life-science, history, machines and everything that comes under the purview of science.

Let’s go through the history of the magazine

In 1922, a noted American newspaper publisher, E. W. Scripps, start publication of SN magazine. The first publication started under the title Science News Letter and the American chemist Edwin Slosson became its first editor. It was a weekly publication and it continued with the title until 1966 when it was changed to the present title. Another noticeable change came in the year 2008 when the magazine switched to bi-weekly format and also the website was redesigned and redeveloped to accommodate the changes. But the one thing that doesn’t change since its inception is that it gives latest science news every time.

Objective of the magazine
It publishes short articles along with news about new scientific and technical developments. It has 26 issues a year and each issue is focused on a specific topic related to the latest developments in the world of science and technology.

Sources of information
A magazine is known by its nose and sense for news. And it relies on its sources for authentic information. Success of a publication depends on its ability to find interesting information and present that info in a readable format. It is a challenging job but the editorial team of SN does a remarkable job every time. The information SN uses is gleaned from leading journals known for publishing authentic info.

The information gathered from science and technology journal is enriched with research work and presented in stories that are both interesting and useful. The focus is on usability of the info and for this reason this magazine is able to rank high on the ladder of popularity.

Strength of the publication
SN is able to hold attention of the readers and increase numbers of its subscribers by sticking to tight deadline and publishing useful info only. And it is surprising to know that the readers wait for its issues. According to 2011 survey of readers, the SN has 113,735 subscribers but this number is increasing with each issue. Turning to bi-weekly proved to be a game changer for the publication.

Advantage of bi-weekly publication
The editorial team gets more time to do research info and develop stories from the gather information. They have time to determine usability of specific news and write interesting stories keeping the targeted audience in mind. The magazine targets everyone but it is more popular among kids and students that use the articles for their projects.

SN website
The website is like a large library for avid readers because they get all the issues from the first issue in 1922 to the latest on the site. Attractive design holds attention of the readers and availability of all the editions allows the readers to go through comprehensive information.

Here’s what readers find most interesting in the magazine

  • Say What: Describing scientific terms for quick understanding and recognition
  • Mystery Solved: Science of everyday life
  • How Bizarre: A fact that is very interesting but unknown to the magazine readers
  • Reviews: Discussion on recently released science fiction books and movies based on scientific development
  • Comment: It is an interview with a notable researcher

SN can rightly be called a leading journal for the world science news with subscribers available all over the globe. It publishes authentic news sourced from reliable science journals. And it is continuing the tradition of educating readers on science since its inception. All the issues starting from 1924 are available on the website but the content is available only to the subscribers.

SN stands for latest science articles. It is how a majority of its readers describe this magazine. They write letters to the editor to share their views; raise concerns and request clarification on scientific and technical developments. Over the time, this magazine has become a kind for platform for intellectual debate. You can also become part of this debate and if you haven’t subscribed this magazine, you are missing something that can be helpful in your day-to-day life.

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