Top Magazine Subscriptions for Inmates

Inmates, who happen to be in some sort of a correctional facility, are supposed to go through a lot of boredom and a feeling of seclusion. If you have someone in such a situation, you can choose to enlighten their minds with some well thought of gifts. Now, what on earth would that be? Well, you can consider magazine subscriptions for inmates as a worthy notion. Magazine subscription will substantially take the stand as great gifts for your loved ones tangled in a difficult phase. In case you are looking for some suggestions in terms of the subscriptions, here are some extraordinary choices for you to take note of. A good look at the following list will broaden your horizon for sure.

The most notables names for your perusal are:

Designer dream homes

It is a direct publication with a great deal of fame to its credit. The approach of Designer dream homes happens to be unique in every possible way. If you are looking to give an authentic as well as surreal touch to the home plans, Designer dream homes would be your ultimate bet in this game. Designer dream homes would definitely be touted as something related to superior living. The magazine does divulge a lot about home plan variations, style and traditions.

Men's Health Magazine Subscription
Men’s Health Magazine Subscription: $24.87

Men’s health

Men’s health, as a magazine, happens to be a mixed bag. It does rope in a great deal of variations comprising sex, health, style, nutrition, fitness, grooming and many more interesting aspects. You can actually get to know so much about fitness and a fit lifestyle from this one. So, it does have a reputable place among magazines for inmates. Readers can always be on a pursuit for fitness while going through the pages of this magazine. What’s more, it helps you stay motivated towards the attainment of your health targets.

The Week Magazine Subscription
The Week Magazine Subscription: $149.00

The Week

When you have plans to offer an inmate a substantial magazine subscription as a gift, you must not forget about The Week. It is a storehouse of topics related to technology, entertainment, world news, health as well as fitness, news related to various aspects of India and so many other interesting angles. The best part is that the topics which are covered in this magazine, are not clickbait ones. The Week offers you pure value information along with entertainment.

Maxim Magazine Subscription
Maxim Magazine Subscription: $25


Maxim has a lofty stature as a publication and it covers a good deal of aspects relating to the lifestyle of the leading men around the world. The popularity of this publication is undisputed. So, if you plan to offer the subscription of this publication as a gift for an inmate, the choice will be readily appreciated.

National Geographic Magazine Subscription : $49.95
National Geographic Magazine Subscription : $49.95

National Geographic

National Geographic happens to be a favourite with all and sundry. So, when you choose to offer the subscription of this revered publication as a gift, the act will instantly be acknowledged.

Slam Magazine Subscription:
Slam Magazine Subscription: $14.95


The magazine is undoubtedly a great choice for the inmates who are fanatic about the game of basketball. It is the hip hop approach of the magazine which is enjoyed and appreciated by the regular readers a lot.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing magazine does bring you highly valuable derivations of information. It will proffer information about housing communities. Not only that, Affordable Housing magazine would bring out inscriptions about education, transportation, and work related topics as well. This is why it is a key player when magazine subscription is to be taken into consideration.

Bridge For Design Magazine Subscription: $79.00
Bridge For Design Magazine Subscription: $79.00

Bridge for Design

When you are ready to give a crucial thought to magazines for inmates, Bridge for Design should pop up in your mind invariably. You can consider it as a must-read option and there are no second thoughts about it. If you are really that much into the amazing bounty of interior design, Bridge for Design should be able to get your senses gratified. This magazine is genuinely going to nurture the thoughts of the reader’s pertaining to the various aspects and angles of interior design. The magazine is going to enlightened the readers on how to craft a magical impact and a story telling approach through the different nuances of interior design and home renovation.

Motor Trend Combo Magazine Subscription

Motor Trend

There might be many inmates who happen to share some sort of a fetish for automotive. If you know such an inmate personally, you can rest assured that Motor Trend is going to be the correct gift in shape of a subscription.

Inked Magazine Subscription: $29.95
Inked Magazine Subscription: $29.95

Inked Magazine

If someone has obsession for tattoos, this one is the best magazine to put your dime in. The magazine flaunts high quality and astounding photos which regale the senses. The magazine can definitely provide the readers with the best of tattoo ideas.

Apart from the one’s mentioned, you should also give a thought about California Home and Design, Classic Ford UK, Fashion for Men, Foreign Affairs, Fortune , Game Informer, International Journal of Educational Reform and other publications. These are indeed treasure proves that promise to make life easier and better.

Make sure you check out the varieties mentioned here. The list, we have touched upon, will ease up the ordeal of yours when you seem to move heaven and earth for the complete sets of magazines for inmates. Go through the names we have discussed here and choose one that suits your inmate. You can rest assured that it will be despatched.

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