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Magazines with adult content are part of growing up and everyone reads them at some point of time to know about adult behavior and also to experience some amount of titillation. The best adult magazines are fun, informative, interesting and vivid providing every kind of sexual entertainment for young adults. Subscribing to these adult magazines will provide your daily dose of titillation.

Cheri Magazine

Cheri is one of the oldest adult men magazines which comes out on a monthly basis. It contains hard-core pornographic content and is a popular one being published over 30 years. The magazine has a loyal base of readership and features some of the most popular porn stars in a wide variety of erotic postures to titillate the readers. Each of the issues contains explicit sexual content to satiate the readers. This magazine is only meant for men and is full of nudity. The cover of the magazine is titillating enough. Shipping of Cheri is free for US citizens.

Club Magazine

The Club magazine is such an adult magazine which has entertained the readers for many years. It is one of the most sold adult content magazines with covers of sexy and hot women in lingerie exciting the readers. It is a spin-off of the British version of the magazine known as Club International. The magazine contains adult video reviews, pictures for providing personal entertainment to men. The magazine also features provocative articles unleashing erotica and taking it to another level. This is a stuff of sexual fantasy for men. Subscribing to the magazine for a year will enable you to save 58% of the price.

Club Specials Magazine

The Club Specials is one of the most interesting magazines on adult content which has provided entertainment and excitement to its readers which is basically the male community. The Clubs come out per month and subscribing to it will save around 19% on the price. Shipping the magazine is USA is free of charge and a majority of men from around the world have subscribed to it. The fun part about subscribing to this magazine is that they issue separate magazines every month thus relieving the readers of boredom. Everything, the content, pictures and even the titles vary according to month like the Asian, Latina, MILFs, Explicit and so on.

Club World

The Club World features explicit nudity for young adults to satiate their urge. The magazine features some of the hottest models in different erotic poses which will take your breath away. These models have the most sizzling presence with great bodies providing ample dose of entertainment for men. This is quite a popular magazine catering to a wide age group of men who want personal entertainment. By subscribing to this magazine you can save up to 19% on the issues per month. This is a monthly magazine with 12 issues ensuring year-round entertainment for men.

Fox Magazine

The Fox is one of the most interesting adult magazines being published year round. Readers can either subscribe for 6 issues or 12 issues. It is one of the leading adult content magazines which caters to men of all age groups. Fox features provocative articles as well as pictures of hot models and porn stars in various erotic poses. The images and articles can blow your mind because it has explosive material. What more could you want when you have your favorite porn stars delivered to your doorstep? Jewle De’Nyle, Asia Carrera, Jenna Jameson, Misty Rain and much more are available for your gaze.


The Gallery with quite an artistic name is a bi-monthly magazine which features a wide gallery of erotic pictures of sexy models enough to give you sleepless nights. This is a popular pornographic magazine providing personal entertainment to men for a couple of years now and they have done the job quite successfully. They have a reputation in the adult entertainment industry with explicit sexual content to provide pleasure. The magazine is famous for featuring a section on ‘girl next door’ containing photos of new models in sexy avatars. You can get your dose of professionals and also amateurs in the industry equally.

High Society

The High Society magazine is one of the most provocative ones around. It offers some of the best entertainment in the adult entertainment industry with generous dose of escapades photographed at interesting, exciting and incredible locations. You imagine and they deliver! The magazine that comes out every month offers nude images of models with perfect 10 bodies at various locales which are electrifying. Occasionally they also serve articles and hot celeb photos for the target readership. Catering to a wide age group of men, the High Society quite like its name offers high value entertainment to the people around.


Penthouse is one of the raunchiest magazines around for adult entertainment. Coming out seasonally, it offers photos, articles, tips and suggestions on adult entertainment. It is a stylish magazine for men with sophisticated taste. This magazine is full of interesting stuff like pictures of hot and sensual women and also candid contemporary commentary on adult entertainment. The cover portrays interesting glimpse of the stuff within whereas the inside is full of surprises. All in all, the Penthouse like its name is interesting, exciting, playful, titillating and scintillating. You can either savor it through 10 issues or 20 issues.


The name Swank itself spells style and attraction. It is a pornographic magazine which is out bi-monthly. The Swank exudes attraction with explicit images of babes and blondes. The magazine is not just about pictures, it also dishes out hot interviews, suggestive narratives and also additional entertainment features. Some of the sexiest women find place in this magazine and you can lay hands on the issues by subscribing to the magazine with a discount of around 70%. Men belonging to any age group will find this magazine addictive. Get your dose of specialized entertainment today.

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