Romantic Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decorating Ideas


Setting up a dinner table for romantic thanksgiving takes some uniqueness. Setting up a table for two especially is quite interesting as it blends tradition and modernity in elegant style. If you also wish to experiment like this, you will have to cook up some new romantic dinner ideas for this thanksgiving. After all, a beautiful and flawless presentation adds more glamour and flavor to a dinner table layout. Some of the unique ideas include:


  • Charmingly Dark-

    To brew up some mystery and add a deep and intense charm, mix colors that make your table appear luxurious. Use a green velvet tablecloth which creates a striking contrast to the gold and white plates along with purple rosette. This will create an amazingly beautiful texture that you will remember for years.

  • Cute Copper-

    Have you imagined a copper table décor? Well, it looks really nice and sophisticated. The copper tinted candles completed by a copper tinted foil tape wrapped around LED candles will add a rare charm to your table. Choose a green or a tablecloth with a dash of green on it with copper stripes or patters to complete the look with sophistication and marvel at your work.

  • Chocolaty Hue-

    If you are in love with chocolate, then use this color to spice up your table. Add some chocolate flakes and also cinnamon stick to the table décor to instantly light it up and also savor the fragrance. It will appear simple yet appealing with a perfect blend of chocolate, blue and crisp linen white.

  • Citrus Dash-

    The citrus flavor will add freshness to the entire décor. Add lots of fruits like lime to your table décor to provide it a juicy, fruity and citrus flavor and appeal. The fruits add a modern component to a simple and charming table décor. Offer fruits along with candles and cover the table with a yellow or green tablecloth making a wonderful idea for table décor for romantic thanksgiving dinner table.

  • White and Blue-

    Make your dream come true with white and blue table décor. This makes a lovely contrast and turns your mundane table into something bright. Blue is, in fact, a favorite color of a lot of people and your guests will surely love it too. It is sophisticated, gorgeous and also adds a soothing charm to the table. Add some flowers of the same hue and also autumnal cones to add a contrast.

  • Pumpkin Parade-

    Pumpkins are cute decoration elements that can add immense charm to a romantic table décor for thanksgiving. During fall, you will be able to get a number of pumpkins using which you can decorate the table. A simple touch of orange along with a dash of blue will add earthy feeling to the entire décor. Seasonal herbs can also add charm to the romantic décor.

These simple yet unique ideas will add a lot of charm to the romantic thanksgiving table décor. These will definitely make your guests feel special.

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