Where to catch Big Bass in Louisiana, Mississippi

Big bass, also famously known as large mouth linkers are the large sized fishes which typically have different attributes than the other fishes in the aquatic world.  They unabashedly display mean, dominant, shrewd nature which makes it difficult to hunt Big Bass. They lay eggs in tens of thousands which should be protected against the high chances of predation in the water by other beings like Blue gills. Even after hatching they are prone to eaten by different fishes or in some cases by their own parents. Hence, hardly few of them survive to grow. Usual habitat of Bass is in the cover of weed in order to increase their chances of survival.  Generally they weigh around 6 to 8 pounds.

It is troublesome to catch Big bass they are very alert, aggressive, keen on defending their territory (usually 10- 15 ft deep in the water) and hardly escape from there until and unless there is a dire need to move. Bass prefer to stay in the deeper strata of water as the upper layers are more prone to change in weather, affecting the body temperature of the fishes as well. It is only in the time of migration in a season that Bass can be found in the relatively shallow waters as they reach there in search of food and comfort. This marks a remarkable opportunity for the anglers looking for them.

Mississippi-Louisiana anglers offer high opportunity to follow big bass along the area. As a matter of fact, the most difficult thing about fishing right now is to figure out what all places in the reach have the best or suitable conditions at present. To mention it generally, in Louisiana and Mississippi , the spawning of the Bigg Bass is completed by this time of year and are going back to their summer routines near the submerged composition and the cover of deep water. It is interesting to notice that throughout the year, patterns become different as thewater gets warmer or cooler with the seasons. In the spring time, the Big Bass can be spotted in the deeper level of water rather than the smaller ones that are still found on the superficial level of water. If we notice their habitat in the summertime, they are found in the deeper cover as they tend to spread out at time, which is a signifier of their not so social behavioral aspect. During this time of year, the Big bass in both states reconcile in the long, hot summer, just waiting for anglers to lure them with baits. 

There are number of Fishermen who firmly believe that in order to catch Big Bass only larger amount of lures and slow technique must be implied. With the usage of larger and live bait yield higher chances of capturing the big Lunkers with the large mouth.

The famously known Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks secures some of the sizable rivers, lakes and reservoirs in and around the state. As the state shines with pride because of the diversity it embodies in terms of aquatic resources, it is the prime reason that Mississippi offers chances to land Bass throughout the year. If we look in to options, then Bay Springs Lakeis one of the best options situated in the northeast Mississippi within Tishomingo and Prentiss counties. Approximately more than Six thousand acre area of the lake is endowed with crystal clear, cool water and is no less than ahome to largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

The Pickwick Lake in its downstreamalso has many seasonal and environmental features in common as Bay Springs Lake and has also arranged bass tournaments. Even in the last ten years, the average tournaments organized here are higher than the average of the whole state. Monitoring the regions of the lake that are fine for fishermen of Mississippi.

In Louisiana, the best locations to search for Big Bass are Lakes, rivers, Bayou and also the waterways in between which embody large number of Bass population. The rich water resources with aquatic life along with a thoughtful stocking program The usual Bass fishing in Louisiana exciting. During the summertime, by the month of June, spawning of Bass is usually completed bass and they are in search of food. Therefore, fishing in the morning and afternoon time fascinate anglers. Other hunting places in Louisiana are the lakes of Louisiana such as Lake Bistinea, Caddo Lake Caney Creek Lake, Turkey Creek Reservoir are the ones to make it in the top key locations. Other places like Atchafalaya, Toledo Bend also have chances to catch the Bass. This was all about the facts to help you Catch Big Bass in Louisiana. To keep yourself updated on more of such interesting facts about Louisiana Game and Fishing, just go for Louisiana Game & Fish Magazine subscription

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