Which Magazine to Subscribe “The Economist or The New Yorker”?

The Economist and The New Yorker are the two leading publications of the world. They both have millions of readers and they command authority in their respective fields. But for readers, it becomes very difficult to choose a publication.

Here we’ll discuss the start of these publications; their growth and salient features to understand what makes them different and which one should you read.

The Economist – The Economist is a magazine format English language weekly started in September 1843. And today it is one of the most competent Western periodicals on public affairs. It was so popular that even Karl Marx relied on it for financial and economic information.

The New Yorker Magazine Subscription

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The Economist sells more than 11 million copies every week and its circulation is increasing with each passing day. It wore a dull black-and-white outlook until 1956 when it got a new avatar with an attractive red-logo. But the biggest change came in 2001 when the contents were started printing in color.

In spirit, The Economist is more a newspaper than a magazine. The objective of the publication is to become the most comprehensive weekly newspaper of the world. It started with a 13-point approach that it still follows. It is The Economist, the economic advisor of the world. A quick look at an online edition of the weekly newspaper is enough to give an idea about its content and the value that it creates for its readers.

Salient features of The Economist

Letters: Leading entrepreneurs, industrialists, business families, political class, ambassadors, lobbyists and spokesmen of governmental and non-governmental organizations frequently write to The Economist. Well-authored letters get place in the newspaper. Selected by a panel of editors, the letters sometimes get more views than news reports and articles.

Features: Being a newspaper, the primary focus of The Economist is on world events but it also covers topics of science and technology and books and arts. Also, it publishes in-depth surveys every two weeks. The surveys are conducted on a given topic. And every three months, it publishes Technology Quarterly (TQ), a technology report on latest trends and developments in the field of science and technology.

Style: The editors of The Economist follow a rigorous style of writing that allows including maximum information in minimum space. For example, the column of economic statistics that is used to show employment data is seen as an authority and a decisive factor in determining the employment growth. The employment statistics is published every week.

The New Yorker – The New Yorker started as a weekly magazine in 1925 and today it is one of the publications that get more revenue from their readers than advertisers. There is little doubt that it is a popular weekly magazine and the credit for its popularity goes to its contents that include journalism, commentary, critical essays, fiction, satire, cartoons and poetry.

The New Yorker is read internationally for its illustrated and topical covers. The readers like its commentaries on popular culture and its promotion of modern fiction by short stories that have now become an intrinsic part of its contents. It has literary reviews and journalism on politics and social issues but the most important thing is the high standard of publication.

The New Yorker performs rigorous fact checking and copy editing to achieve the high standards writing that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The New Yorker Magazine Subscription

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Salient features of The New Yorker magazine

Cartoons:Cartoons especially gag cartoons have been the most important feature of The New Yorker magazine since its inception in 1925. And some of its cartoons even climbed to a higher status of fame due to their expressions.

Films: The New Yorker stories inspired many movies. The filmmakers look at the magazine as a source for interesting stories that they can develop as full length feature films. And some movies based on The New Yorker stories have reported record collections.

Style: The style of writing that includes use of diaeresis marks and spelling numeral amounts in words makes it more attractive. The signature display of the magazine is in Irvin and the entire body text is in Adobe Caslon. Together this combination makes reading the contents an interesting affair. It is like a treat to eyes.

We see that both the publications are well read throughout the world. And readers have their reasons for choosing one of the publications. If you want to stay connected to the world then go for The Economist magazine subscription but if you want to read contemporary fiction and want to know more about popular culture then avail The New Yorker magazine subscription. And if you are an avid reader and want to read everything happening in the world then subscribe to both the magazines. You would be surprised to know that many of the readers are subscribers of both The Economist and The New Yorker.

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