Out of all the things that interest or inspire the people of the world, regardless of their age groups, the hobby that takes over the minds of most of them is trucking. Merely reading the word trucking has started attracting me towards this hobby!! Are you too one of them!!
Congrats. You are on the right page. This article focuses on the bestseller truck magazines. So, what are you waiting for? Get equipped with the knowledge of these bestsellers and get going for exploring the world of your interest, there is so much more waiting to be explored by you.

Truck trend is one of the bestselling truck magazine. This magazine not only covers the information about the latest truck trends, but also keeps the reader updated with the latest news from the truck industry.It is a magazine that is devoted to pickup trucks and SUVs. Featured in the magazine are extensive road tests, information on future trucks, news related to the truck industry, and advice on repairs and truck modification. The section of “trucks” include sub sections of future trucks, truck reviews, cool trucks, diesel trucks, diesel cars and also the trucks of the year. The information about the trucks which will be there in the industry in the near and far future is provided in a perfect way in this magazine. The most interesting section of this magazine is the “Tech & How To” section where the project trucks are described and elaborated. Also a section of experts advice where all your diesel questions are answered.

All the auto shows and events going on around the world are covered here. You couldn’t be there at any of the auto show? You don’t need to worry. Truck trend has covered all. The Detroit Auto Show, Chicago Auto Show, Truckin’ throwdown and what not. Get your digital truck trend magazine subscription on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. All this completely explains the reason of truck trend being the bestseller truck magazine.

The publishers of the famous magazines named Street Rodder and Street Chopper, Tom McMullen, created Truckin’ magazine when he saw a growing trend in custom vans and pickups in 1974. In 1975, the first issue of this magazine was sold under the TRM publications, for $1.00. The Ediotr-in-chief of truckin’ magazine is Jeremy Cook. The other editors include Dick DeLoach, Kevin Wilson, Dan Sanchez (2000-2002), Steve Warner (2002-2008), and Dan Ward(2008-2014).

Talking about the frequency and sales of this magazine, the first issue of this magazine that came in 1975, was to be a “one shot”, a publishing term for once in a year. From being turned into a quarterly and then finally monthly.Truckin’ added a new issue entitled the “Fall issue” in 2003. In 2004 it was called “Spring issue”, and has since been dubbed “Issue 13.”
The mazagine is said to have more than 440 pages at the peak of mazagine sales.

Classic Trucks Magazine is the true classic truck publication dedicated to pre-1972 custom and restoration truck builders. This magazine makes complete justice to the golden era of the trucks. It does the best to keep the perfect image of those in the minds of the readers. In each issue the expert contributers look back at the vehicles of the time, the companies that used them and the personalities behind the trucks. There are amazing features from classic models to old haulier routes.
Also it doesn’t make any flaw in the “how to” section. This section has the sub sections such as “paint and body”, “chassis and suspension”, “engine”, “transmission and drivetrain”, “interior and electrical”, “wheels and tires”, and the “additional how to”. The news section provides the latest news about the auto industry.

Diesel World Magazine offers complete coverage of diesel powered vehicles including trucks and diesel powered cars. Diesel world magazine was found in 2006. The diesel tech section provides with the information of “how to”, it includes “full flow”, “tune only”, “re-power your ride”, and also the advertisements. All you need to know about the diesel powered vehicles, can be found here. The news here wont let you miss on anything happening in the diesel world.

It is said to be the largest diesel related magazine on the planet, featuring everything about diesel engines, vehicles and industry news. You can even get a digital copy of Diesel World Magazine- February 2019 issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and web.

Street Trucks magazine was found in August 1999. It is auto based magazine, it shares the all information about classic, sports, diesel & custom trucks and their parts & accessories online. This magazine also teaches readers how to create customised classic trucks, lifted trucks and mini trucks. Street trucks magazine focuses on all things custom truck featuring the hottest industry trends, after market upgrades and insider customizing tricks. Chris Hamilton is one of the main team member of the Street Trucks magazine.
The tech section provides you with all the latest technology which you can use in customization of your truck. For example, proactive theft protection for all the stuff in your truck, new parts for your ride, new products of SEMA 2018, etc.

There you go. Now get subscription to any of these magazines, and get started to drown yourself in the world of trucking!!

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